“The Manifestation of His Glory”

"The Visitation of His Anointing"

"Word concerning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu"

“Three Reasons Why Persecution is A Blessing"

"Men of Esteem"

“The Saints Will Rise to the Top Like Cream”

“He Is, The Very Heart Of God”

“The Chamber of Change”

"Civil War is Coming to America"

 "21-Supernatural Events that will come upon the Church!"

A Word for America

Basic needs will become the focus for America’s future!

Who are we to divide “Your Land”?

Israel, A Word

The God Who Answers By Fire

The Price of Admission is Desperation!

The Place of Holiness Where Wholeness Resides

The Resources of the Lord

Jezebel and the End time Church

"Beware America, our time is at hand"

To Awaken, To Warn and to Prepare

Jesus is the Message

Pennies on the Dollar

I Will Move You Like A Chess Piece

Prophecy given to me by Dominiquae Bierman

A Word given me by an evangelist