“The Saints will Rise to the Top like Cream”
March 2009


Over the course of our time with the Lord, we are privileged to hear the voice of the Lord.  We take a “Word” tuck into our spirit that we receive and hopefully allow the message to have the intended impact upon our lives.


So many times, we do not consider it to be a word to be shared with the Body of Messiah or we simply forget the word for a season. Then, some circumstance brings remembrance to us. We again remember what we were entrusted with something holy that has implications not just for us individually but to those of the Kingdom.


Several years ago when I had a printing business, I was busy working and was also speaking with the Lord.
Then He spoke to me saying,


“This is the Status Quo, this is a time that my people will struggle and suffer and learn.     
But when the end times, the hard times come, My people will rise to the top like cream.”


Today, we stand on the very edge of an Abyss! 
We Saints and even the unsaved see the same things occurring, but from a very different perspective. While the world sees disasters, calamities and problems so complex that no one man (at least for now) has an answer, we believers see it much differently!

The Saints see the foundation that man has attempted to create being brought to nothing. We see a higher purpose to the suffering we are about to endure. History tells us that the True Church, the ones who serve Messiah, shine best during the darkness, If there were no darkness, there would be no need for a candle.


We have been granted “a position on the field” rather than occupying a front row seat.

The time for slumber, laziness, ignorance and disobedience has come to an end.
It is time we actively participate in those works that the Holy Spirit has assigned us.


It is time for transparency; it is time to display His love and to be vessels of His power,

that the L-rd might be glorified.


The time has come for the harvesters to sharpen their cycles. It is time for us to be about our Father’s business. Laying aside all manner of selfishness and seeking the Lord with all your heart, only to discover that He is good and He will not withhold any good thing we ask (if we are asking in His will), and when we receive, no sorrow is added.


Rejoice you Saints, for having made the heavens so completely full of planets, stars and comets, having perfected the animals, birds and all creeping things, then surely does He not remember His Saints and hold them precious in His heart?


That You Oh Lord, should elevate Your saints as, “Cream rising to the top”

Who are we that You are mindful of us?




Steve Grable