The Vision and Dream
for Communities in Israel

"The Edge of His Glory"

The Whiteboard, the Arab &
the Passing of the Vision"

“A Deadly Silence”

"Ambush In The Upper-Room"

"I Was Shot 3 times And Felt No Pain"

"The Muslim City and Asia"

"Social Security and Government Benefits"

“A Night of the Supernatural”

“America will accept Islamic Counting”

"I have formed you for My purposes"

“A Night in Israel”

“Occupied by the Enemy”

The Beautiful Young Woman will say,

A Meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu

Two Elephants in The House

Transformed and Transported

"Three Dreams of the Jewish People"

Dyslexic Baby To Glorious Bride

Scaling the Slippery Slope of the Church

Multitudes Arising Out of the Destruction

Disney World

Healing for The Nations

Your are Up on Top and Out in Front

A Meeting With the Holy Spirit

Sam Donaldson

Forgiveness and Bitterness

A Healer of Situations

Homecoming of the Saints