“Summoned to Refresh The Saints”


April 1st, 2023

Greetings Dear Saints,

Sorry I am just getting this out but have been a bit weary these last few months. I do my best to share (usually the next day) whatever the Spirit brings me, wether it be in a dream, a teaching or a word. 

Prophetic dreams can entail many things. They come to us for instruction, direction, warning, to encourage or to prepare us for some “future event”. However there are dreams that come that we may at times treat as a future event and yet it is not for a future event rather it is a night assignment!


Acts 16:9 & 10 And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.

This man from Macedonia came by way of the Holy Spirit in a “Night Assignment to Paul.

10 And after he had seen the vision, immediately we endeavoured to go into Macedonia, assuredly gathering that the Lord had called us for to preach the gospel unto them.


Some of you will undoubtedly not understand what I am about to share but others will have an understanding. There are what I refer to as “Night Assignments”. By this I mean that during your sleep, the following occurs.


Your spirit is summoned by the Holy Spirit.
He may take you far away to minister in some fashion.


When this takes place, it is to go and minister to others in some way! That being said, I was summoned to refresh the Saints in the dream below. So while your body is asleep, your spirit will be completing some task given to you by the Spirit of the Lord, such as was the case in this dream.

The dream began with me in a three room shanty and I believe I was in the nation of Turkey. 

Within my very small shanty, there were two larger rooms in the front like a living room and kitchen. In the back was a very small room and there was a woman by herself in that room.

If you were looking toward the front of this three room shanty (not really a house), it was attached to another shanty to the right. In that small shanty lived two sisters who both lived in the house and also ran a very small store from it. Although it was small store it was convenient to all the neighbors and travelers.

To the right of their home/store, there was a dirt road that was well traveled and ran beside their house/store.


And as I looked down that road, there were a group of people coming toward me. There was an old couple who had been missionaries in China. I knew this information by way of the Spirit. They also had a young woman with them as well as four others who had attached themselves to them. I invited all of them to come to my house for refreshments and they agreed.

When I brought this couple, the young woman and their entourage into my shanty, there were several people already sitting on the floor anywhere they could find since there was so little furniture. So everyone was sitting and I went next door to the two sisters’ home store.

While the sisters did not have much variety in their store, they sold sodas and small items. Over in the corner was a small table with three Arabs (Turks) who were wearing the traditional tall round red Turkish hats. Each of the three men had a bottle of Coca Cola in front of them. 

However rather than the bottles being right in front of them as you would normally position a drink, the sodas were in set in front of each man and away from them in the middle of the table. I remember asking them if the drinks were theirs because of the way the sodas were placed on the table and they said yes!

I then asked the two sisters for so many sodas hoping I had enough money to purchase each person a soda. After purchasing the sodas, I brought them back and gave the drinks to each of the people (Saints). 

I then found myself cooking food with a hotplate for these people. I remember frying a combination of eggs and bread combo that were flat much like pancake. I have no idea of how I made it, I only remember cooking the food.

The hotplate was full and my thought was so many people and so little food. I will have to give each person a very small serving. However then, I thought no! I will give each person a full serving and the first serving was generous as I placed it on the plate. But as I went back for the next serving, the hotplate was still full as if nothing had been taken. 

End of dream


I have had a few of these dreams before and so I recognized it as such. I do not believe it was for a future event but rather it was a Night Assignment!

While I am still unsure of some aspects of this dream I believe the two sisters represented both the Jew and the Gentile not only working together but becoming one family!

The store which they operated was the storehouse of Heaven, the gifts of God were always available to the Jew and Gentile. 

When I had left my house, there was only a woman in the very back small room however the young woman who accompanied the old couple went into the small back room and joined the other woman who was already there.

The woman in the small room in the back of my shanty could be the Jew and the young woman who was with the old couple could be the Church. The young woman went into the small back room to join the other woman. So the Church went to the Jew to bring her the good news!

The Turkish Arabs with their hats were to give me the knowledge that I was in Turkey.

The significance of the three’s 

Three room shanty and…

The three Turks having 

the three bottles of Cocoa Cola sitting at their table but it was sitting toward the middle of the table,  

The bottles of Cocoa Cola represented Salvation.

Although the three bottles sat right before them, it was almost seemingly out of reach unless they extended their arms to reach out and grab hold of it!

 The three represented receiving the God of Abraham, Isaiah and Jacob (not Muhammad),
The Messiah Yeshua Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

All were within their grasp as it sat right before them on the table. They could see it, understood it what it was but they had to reach out to gain their Salvation.

I was merely one sent to refresh all these dear Saints and to witness that Salvation is coming the Turkish people and the Jew and Gentile Church had become one!


Although the Turkish men were not (currently) in my shanty with the other Saints,

When I asked the three Turkish men if the Cocoa Cola was theirs, they ALL Said Yes!

So they said Yes to their Salvation!

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable