“A Healer of Situations”



I know that there is nothing within me that is worthy to be used by the Lord. There is certainly no reason for Him to give me the ability to heal, be it physically, or of situations, or any type of conflict. 

It is the anointing of the Holy Spirit who enables us to serve. 

Years ago I had a dream where I was in a church and the Lord was using me to heal this person and run to the next person and heal them and on and on.

Then I realized that I was not in a church but in a large auditorium again going to this person and the next and the next.

But finally I understood that I was not in a church or an auditorium at all but I was in the world and the Lord was moving me from place to place and nation to nation.

I knew that He was sending me not just to heal the physical but I was being sent to speak to the circumstances. To heal situations within the nations, the Body of Christ, to comfort Israel and to speak healing and wisdom to them on behalf of Him who sent me.

Steve Grable