“Two Dreams”

Dress Rehearsals & Promotions
December 2020


Greetings Dear Ones,

I first want to apologize to the Lord and also to all of you! You see, I had two very short dreams in December within a few days of each other and I failed in writing the night visions down. My heart is to always, always write whatever the Spirit brings me, and I have strived to be faithful in that command.

Recently I had thought, “Lord why am I not receiving any dreams from You?” Then the Spirit reminded me that I had failed in bringing what had been spoken to me, therefore why should He give me anything new!

The first dream began:

I was in a military aircraft suitable for Paratroopers to jump from. Although I had served in Viet Nam as a Marine, never had the thought of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane entered my mind.  

Nevertheless, it came my turn and I fearlessly jumped out and even enjoyed the way down.

 Once on the ground, I had jumped on to a military base. I then gathered my “Chute”, and was walking around like the Macho-Man I felt myself to be. I was kinda of strutting my stuff a bit before all the others.

I had overcome my fear!

And you will too!

End of dream

Many times, when I live through an event it is NOT always just for me but it involves the entire Body of Messiah, it is for all Believers! It is a rather easy journey from faith to fear, and if truth be known, the Body of Messiah is prone to do just that. The enemy has done all to force God’s people into a place of paralysis where we have no effect. One thing the enemy fears is that we Believers cast off his fear and begin to walk in Faith!

You dear one, have been on the base so to speak. You have been training your hands for war. Yet ours is a Spiritual war and not fought with flesh and blood. You have trained on the base (a safe place) within the confines of your homes, churches and marketplace. But now we are about to graduate into the fray and gain a higher perspective and position. You will be walking in the Spirit and full of the Holy Ghost.


2nd Dream
I was in a room and there were about 20 people in this room. I sat down opposite another man who appeared to be the leader. And he said to me, 

“You are about to be promoted, you will be running this place.” End of dream

Now it is not my intention necessarily to be in charge of anything but we have to view this as a Kingdom statement. It does not translate I will be in charge but then it does and you as well.

The Word states, “the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous.” Believers are about to be placed in charge of a great many things. Wealth and position will begin to chase after and catch those who have been faithful with the little and be made rulers over much. While the words in the dream may sound inaccurate, I took it as a promotion! The Lord’s people are being lifted into New positions of authority.

We are about to be given much for our faithfulness to His Kingdom. And we will be walking in the Spirit, we will be doing great exploits in His name. We will begin to provoke the Jews to jealously and we will become the lights shinning in the darkness.

These two dreams came within a few days of each other and I believe they came in this way because they are related and in order. First, the preparation and the overcoming of our fears and then comes the promotions.

You Dear One are about to see a major uptick in your anointing and your minds are about to be renewed to a greater degree than ever before. Faith will replace fear. We the Body are about to see a more defined role in which the Spirit has chosen each of us. 

Bless you and your house,

Steve Grable


PS Regarding the Presidential inauguration:

 This is Not over!

Do not be dismayed, do not be depressed, do not be  disillusioned or any of the other “D’s”.

This election was a travesty of justice and I do not believe it will stand

While I know in my spirit and from the many of the dreams I’ve been given over the years that harsh and difficult times will come, I do not feel this is the timing. 

I also had the dream walking through several rooms with righteous people all trying to determine how best to administer justice to many who had committed crimes against America.


See LINK below for this dream