“Pushing the Blessings Forward”


November 24, 2020


The dream came in the most unusual timing as it occurred during a late afternoon nap. You see a dear sweet lady had asked me to interpret a dream. I began praying for the interpretation as soon as I received it. Sometimes the dreams just open up and regardless of the complexity, it is easily discernable. Other times I require a day or two to seek the Lord.

The dream began with me being in the very center of a very large intersection.
And it was a very large city.

There were skyscrapers all around me. However, where the streets and sidewalks should have been, it was ALL covered with water.

As I was in the middle of the intersection, there came a very large, mass of land with grass and trees that were very attractive.
They were floating on top of the water.

They stretched from one side of the buildings to adjacent buildings on the other side of the street. 

They were what I believe I heard the Spirit refer to them as “Floating Oases!”

They were flowing from behind me as I faced forward. AND each time one of these Floating Oases came upon me, I sent it forward by creating a large wave behind it. This not only continued the Oases but sped up the motion.

After creating each wave and watching it being propelled, the next Oases would move forward.

I then looked to my immediate right down the long street and looking up; I saw the Lord.

And I said to the Lord, 

“Thank you Lord for blessing them!
I felt such gratitude to the Lord that He was  blessing and prospering His people.

Then I too was grateful for the second time in that He had allowed me to participate and create the wave in furthering the forward motion of the Blessing of the Oases on to His people.

These “Floating Oases” represent those wondrous moments of rescue to the needy, rest to the weary and outright blessings upon those who patiently wait. They are those hard places when you need a specific prayer answered! They are not always within sight until the urgent necessity arises and prayer fills our heart and His Oases arrives.

While He is seldom early, He is never late!

We can rely upon His Goodness and His timing of His delivery. Our God is not without a very sound History of mankind. He has shown Himself faithful over and over. 

His mercy for you and us and our Nation is not in short supply, He will deliver us! For since He is for us, “who” can be against us!

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable