“Witchcraft Overtaking the Catholic Church”


August 2, 2020


The dream began with my being in a very large church, perhaps one that would house over a thousand people.


Believed it to be a Catholic Church. It appeared extremely gaudy, overly ornate and filled with unusual objects. And it had three aisles that were very long from the back of the building to the front. Even the sanctuary portion was a very large area and was reserved for the clergy. 


I was sitting nearly in the very back row to the right side of the main aisle. There were a few ladies sitting close by and we all seemed to be friends with one another.


Without any thought of my own, I got up and began to walk forward up the very long center aisle. It seemed as long as a football field in length and there were many seated people I passed by to reach the front. 


And over to the right side, there was a small rich oak type of wooden building, it was small but close to the right wall, perhaps a confessional.  There were several people just in front of the structure and because of it, they were visibly obscured from the rest of the church. I thought I would be less conspicuous so I joined them in that area.


Then I heard a woman speaking and others around us were listening to her as she was making detrimental and accusatory statements against the Jewish people. When I looked directly into her eyes, she knew I disagreed with her and she became quiet.


I found myself in a prostrate position, I had my eyes closed and head bowed down to the floor worshiping and praying. Then I sensed someone standing in front of me and as I looked up I recognized him as a priest with the customary black robe with the white smock. And he was harshly criticizing a man who was leaning up against the wall and had been praying but grew weary and had fallen asleep. And now this priest was ridiculing him in front of all of us.


When the service was over, there was a man with me as I was speaking to a lady sitting on a pew. Then another came closer and began to listen and soon there were others who also joined us. 


Finally the lady kissed (Praised) me. I then remembered the Scripture, “Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.” Psalm 2:12


This was simply the True Bride expressing her love and affection for the Truth!


The next thing I remember was hearing someone within the sanctuary calling out a name for them to come up and undergo their surgery. While I did not hear the actual words of Metaphysical healing or surgery, this is what I heard in my spirit. The Catholic Church had turned to the Metaphysical. 


This is a “form”of godliness but denies the Deity of Jesus Christ. While it has many almost Christian type of concepts, it is a fraud. There is a much greater seductive value in taking a basic lie and surrounding it with truth. Even though this dream depicts the Catholic Church, it is for all modern day churches who refuse to adhere to the truth of the Word of God!


The Catholic leadership will in the very near future embrace witchcraft to a much greater degree! More and more, they will cause greater loss of countless souls. Millions of Catholics will begin to worship the self within them without regard to the Lord Jesus who saved them.


While this dream depicted primarily the Catholic Church, it is my belief that nearly all churches will be adopting and following this very same pattern of self worship. They will have a form of godliness but will deny the power thereof.


This following part I had forgotten until after I had sent out the dream. I remember walking down a long long corridor. Then I went through the first door to exit, but then this was another and another and another, there were a total of 5 doors in order to exit. I thought to myself, three would have been too many!


I then walked out into and then along a large courtyard and at one point had to actually swim across a small pond. All during this time I was completely alone, there was no one with me. Believe all of this was to make the journey lengthy and uncomfortable for those who would leave the false church. The dream ended.


As events unfold, economies fail and with leadership unable to solve multitudes of complex problems; it will be a simple and natural thing to the worship anyone who seemingly has that ability. The world will be looking for the problem solver and will find one but he will not honor the God of “his fathers” but rather the god of forces. 


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable