Germany as a Nation
Will Come to Repentance”
 for what they did to the Jews!

Saturday May 2nd, 2020



The dream began with my helping to facilitate a process. It seemed I was the middle man or the go between guy. There were Germans to my left handing me materials. 

As they handed me these materials, they did so as if they were extremely sympathetic and apologetically engaged.

There were stacks of films, many books and papers all relating to WWII. All of this amounted to be the proof that the taking of innocent life had happened by the hand of  Adolf Hitler and the German army.

All of these events were known to the German citizens. Germany as a whole, as a Nation had exterminated Six-million Jews and a host of millions from many other nations.

As the Germans were passing me these items, I then handed them to a small group of people who then placed them on a long table as evidence for these crimes.

I turned to the Germans, And said
“This will make your cry
because it has made me cry!”

End of dream


It is noteworthy to say that those responsible for these horrific crimes have for the most part long passed away. 

However, whenever a Nation commits the taking of innocent blood, the Bible states, those voices are heard by the Lord. 

Therefore although those responsible no longer live, the blood still stains the very ground of their country and must it must be Repented for just as America and other countries must also Repent for the innocents they have murdered which include the unborn.

I believe the Spirit has revealed that although Germany has by most appearances, a hardened heart, the Lord is about to pour out His Spirit of Repentance upon Germany in a powerful way. When this occurs, the German heart will be one in which the Lord will resume His work!

Repentance is coming to Germany!


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable