“A Meeting with the Holy Spirit”


There is a beautiful cherry wall unit that I have had in my home for about twenty years. I have always liked the solid look and feel of that type of wood. There were books, tapes, CDs’, family photos etc and it has always held a prominent position in the living room.

In this dream, I was late arriving home and there were three personal friends who I viewed as close spiritual brothers. As I walked into my living room, they were all there and they asked me why I was late. And as I looked back behind me I saw the front part of the church I had been attending and I said,

“I have been teaching about the Holy Spirit”. When I said this I looked over to my left
and there was a small boy about 12 years old and I asked the Lord, who is this?

And the Lord said, “This is My Holy Spirit”

This young man accompanied me in several occasions since that initial dream. If we were walking to or from somewhere, He is always with me, He is on my left and I on His right. Whenever we are in the presence of others, He is always over to one side observing the interaction of all in the dream.

I believe that the Lord was showing me how truly sweet and precious the Holy Spirit and how needful we are of Him. Without ever realizing the “Awesome Blessing” He is to the believer.

He is quietly behind the scenes instructing those who are His, leading us through all of life’s issues if we only allow Him. He loves so much and it is His desire to guide us in all wisdom, to help us to mature and to fulfill our destiny and all the purposes of God.

He enables us with His mighty strength and sustains us in the difficult periods.

He freely gives us incredible revelation into the Scriptures and why not?

Because it was He who inspired every word that is written in our Bible!

Although He has all the power and might and is a part of the God head of the Trinity,
amongst His believers, He is tender hearted and does not push or shove Himself upon us.

He is constantly looking out for our best interests and He is always with us. And……

We have the pleasure to cooperate in this process simply by yielding to Him!

Steve Grable