“Your are Up on Top and Out in Front”


The dream began where I was on double-decker bus very similar to the ones used in London.

And I kept hearing the Lord say,

“You are up on top and out in front, you are up on top and out in front,”
over and over again.

I was sitting on the top deck just above where the driver was sitting,
and I could see clearly everything that lie before us in a panorama type of view.

There was no room for any other traffic to pass, the road was just barely wide enough for the bus.
This bus was flying down a very narrow road seemingly out of control.

To our left was a deep ravine and I could see further out in front of us a huge piece of the highway (concrete) was missing. We some how managed to go around it and with the bus being so top heavy it felt like we would flip the bus over but miraculously we were upright and continued even faster than before.

In the distance I could see on the right side of the highway, a huge tree with branches that extended out in to path
of the bus, the branches were just about head level with those of us who were sitting on the top level.
Suddenly the branches were right before us and again we some how managed to avoid hitting the branches of the tree.

Finally the bus came to a stop and all of us disembarked and I found myself
lying face down on a wooden platform with all the others from the bus.

Though I was lying face down on the wooden platform, I could see in the spirit that there were others
who were attempting to board the bus.
But there was a man standing there and he was saying,
“only these people, pointing to us can be on this bus.”

End of dream


The Lord gave me the interpretation.

The Bus / Driver was the Holy Spirit and He had those of us whom He had chose for this specific work.

The deep ravine on the left was a snare of the enemy to have us focus on the fear and not where the Holy Spirit was taking us.

The huge piece of highway (concrete) that was missing was all the things we place our reliance upon, our own abilities, jobs, businesses, material wealth, family and friends. The day will come shortly that all these things will fall through and our only foundation (concrete) will be the Lord.

The large tree branches that protruded over the highway just about head level were governments and principalities that were seeking to take off our heads because we followed after Jesus!

The wooden platform that we were lying face down symbolized that we were embracing the Cross of Christ.

And lastly while we were faced down embracing the cross, there were those who were attempting to board the Bus, the Driver was saying to them only these who are worshipping can be on this Bus.

Many of these people were believers but were trying to place themselves into offices that the Lord had not placed them in. A few others were not believers at all but were actually a part of the enemy with the intent to infiltrate what the Lord was doing and bring destruction.

Steve Grable