“Who Are We to Judge Another?”

January 30th, 2020



The three camps of thought…

(1st) Realizing that many of you may well go into near convulsions at the hearing of this dream.

(2nd) While others may simply scoff in disbelief.

(3rd) Then there are those who will join in prayer for the person represented in this dream. Presently, am not entirely certain to which camp I find myself but am striving to attain the latter.

For many years going back to the late 80’s, it came to me that the Lord neither gives up nor does He give in to the allowing of our behavior to overwhelm His grace. In fact, the more our “bad acting” comes forward and is exposed, the more His Grace abounds. 

“But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound”

Now I am well aware that some of you dear sweet Saints were nearly flawless and perfect in all your ways prior to receiving the Lord! However for all of us remaining ones, our past is not a story we wish to remember but rather it was chocked full of misguided intentions, grand mistakes and outright sin!

You see the enemy takes full advantage of reminding us of our past failures and outright disasters. Thereby our focus is behind and not front and center. We do not focus on those principals and ideas, those things that move us toward our Heavenly calling. Shame even in small doses is most certainly an undeniable factor which has caused many to fail in the fulfillment of our destinies.

The very short dream I am about to share with you is for your prayerful consideration for any time a lost soul comes to the Lord, All Heaven and even the Angels celebrate!


The dream

I was sitting next to Hillary Clinton, she was sitting on my left and I on her right. While there were others in the room, they were not within immediate earshot of our conversation.

I looked upon her and was amazingly bewildered.

She was beautiful and would even say elegant.

She was graceful and hospitable and engaging.

I then said to her, “I can see why Bill loved you!”

End of dream


If we merely look at the surface and observe and judge this woman who has been a controversial figure from the very beginning, it would be a closed case! It would seem that no one could possibly overcome that stigma. Or why would the Lord seemingly waste His time on such a one?


“But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound”.

The Bible speaks of a certain man who seemed to break all the rules and yet was called, “A man after my God’s own heart”. 

Murder, adultery and pride in numbering the men of Israel, who could forgive and honor such a man?


Would it not be an easy task for righteousness to judge Hillary Clinton? Believe the answer would be in the affirmative! Few who walk uprightly can see any redeeming value in her except for “The Lord”. 

Since He sees the end from the beginning, He finds value and beauty in the most strangest and driest of places. Where ashes were once ruled, now things of great beauty begin to arise. And He has a way in creating the most perfect of situations that prompt provoking thoughts within them all leading them to their redemption. They cannot escape His Hand no matter their response. He is always the loving Father who reaches out to them in the midst of their dry and barren land.

Suppose for a moment, the Lord has two men. One is honorable, trustworthy and wise but is far from the Lord.

Then there is another who is involved in many dishonorable things and has caused much chaos, confusion, loss and pain.

Which of these two men do you believe the Lord will most enjoy showing Himself to be both merciful and able and which would give Him more glory? We know that “where much is forgiven, there is much love”.

Then the issue dear sweet Saint is that we are all too eager and almost pleased to receive the one who is more lovable, all the while rejecting the one who is a constant thorn among us. Help us Lord to love the unlovely!


“The Lord will show mercy to whom He will show mercy!”


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable