“The Word of God is about to Fall
upon every College & University Campus”

Dream & A Word

 April 15th, 2018


Have experienced many dreams and prophetic words in the past and each one is like the receiving of that “pearl of great price”. Do you remember reading your Bible about the man who had discovered an extremely valuable pearl and he went and sold all he had and purchased that land to obtain “the pearl of promise.” Matthew 13:46


Many times only the dreams come and its interpretation is fairly open meaning easy to understand. Others require digging into and pursuing what the Spirit is saying.


The Dream

Last night the dream came and I awoke and pondered on it from that moment until I was about to get out of bed.
However as I lay there, the Spirit began to speak and expand on the dream far beyond the actual activity within the dream.

There have been several times over 35-years that a deep weeping will come upon me. It is not crying which is more of a surface type response but a deep deep, beginning in your gut type of weeping that permeates throughout your entire body and mind and deeper still.

Believe we are given those special precious moments to feel the very heart of God just as He is weeping over us, so we are actually weeping with Him. 

Last night and this morning was just such a moment!

The dream began with my going back to College and walking and talking with other students on the campus. Remember one girl asking me if I had found an apartment to live yet.

I said yes however I had to leave my beautiful place on the water, which was two hours away from the school in order to attend the school.


Next I found myself in a class where I slept through half of it. My thinking was it was so boring. However the last half of the class I did my best to overcome my boredom. Both the subject matter and the professor were beyond dull.


In the next class I was seated and the time was just coming to a close.

I see it even now so clearly.

I was gathering my books and was more than a little surprised to see my Bible tucked within my schoolbooks.


My (black) Bible in the dream was worn so badly that the cover had what appeared to be thumbprints on it.

And intriguingly, there was a “broken” zipper on the Bible.

It was as though you could zip the book closed but again the zipper was broken which was significant.

The Spirit is about to break that zipper which was placed upon the Bible by those who are ignorant and hateful.


When I picked up the Bible, an amazing thing began to occur! Every student gathered around me in utter astonishment and were nearly mesmerized by the fact I had this worn out old Bible. They could not take their eyes off of it; it was as if a deep revelation had fallen upon them.


But then when I opened it up, (it was all underlined and marked up) there was a unified awed aghast from the students! Such a powerful wave of the Spirit had come down upon them. It was as though the Spirit had fallen upon that entire room. Every student was caught up in this experience with the Lord; they were no longer the same students as they were only a brief moment ago!


When I walked out to the parking lot to find my car and it was “late in the evening”, there were very few cars left in the lot.


Notes: It was late and in the evening, translating to:
We were entering the dark times.

Also, very few cars left in the parking lot could translate that there were very few like myself bringing the truth and now I was leaving.


As I continued to look for my car, I clicked the button on my key expecting to see the lights flash on my 4Runner. However in stead, I was absolutely amazed that a car covered with dirt and dust flashed its lights. It was as though it had been there a long time, perhaps a year or more.

End of dream



The Word

As I lay there upon my bed, the Spirit began to elaborate on the dream He had just brought to me saying.


Every college and university campus will suddenly come under the power of the Holy Spirit. It will happen so quickly that the news media will be rushing to the campuses asking the students, “what is going on?” It will quickly become a phenomenon not a fade! And it will only intensify! This Harvest will become an exciting conversation on the lips of everyone and a major topic on the nightly news.


Campuses will be transformed! There have been many social and cultural movements all having their pinnings on college and universities campuses. This same thing will once again occur however it will be the beginning of a mighty wave of the Word and the Spirit.


No longer will the faculty have answers for what is taking place nor will they have any thing to offer to this growing wave of young Christian students. No longer will “guest speakers” be called upon to spread dis-information, lies and their liberal nonsense. Primarily because very few students will waste their time attending these types of lectures.


Those who are mature in the Faith, those who Know their Bibles will be called upon to lecture and teach!

“Christian Professors” who teach the truth will become valued and celebrated and their lessons will come from the Throne Room of God by way of the Spirit.


There will be classes on the individual books of the Bible.
Consider a whole term covering the Book of Acts and other books. The normal syllabus will simply include those things from the Bible. Creationism will be accepted as the truth.


If some had issues with a few Mormons coming to their door,

just imagine individuals and groups of, on fire born again spirited filled college kids going throughout the communities. They will become a national and multi-national army for “The Way of God.” They will have absolute resolve and they will not be denied!


While the Church is busy trying to wake up and begin the Harvest, it will begin with the young people who have been held in quarantine from the truth! Massive truth bombs will awaken every campus and shake our nation as well as the nations. Our nation will undergo a great transformation and for a season we will labor in the daylight for we have a short while to accomplish this Harvest. Therefore pray to the Lord of the Harvest.


Repentance will always lead to freedom!


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable