“Parallel Destinies &

The Danger of Looking Back”

January 8th, 2018


The dream began as I was inside the front portion of a house and was looking from the front toward the back of the house. There was a rather wide pathway where I stood, through the dinning room and hallway with the kitchen located in the farthest point at the back of the house. 

However it was quickly apparent that the house was out of alignment. As I looked through the house toward the kitchen, the main window in the kitchen was only slightly visible. In other words, only the very left edge of the window was visible from my position in the front. 

The thought occurred to me, why was not the full view of the kitchen window centered and viewable from the front of the house. From all appearances, it was seemed improper and out of kilter. It left one with the impression that the entire house was not well conceived and therefore was misaligned loosing much of its charm and glory. 

The next scene was of a renovation taking place which was completed almost immediately, it was a quick work. (This is what about to take place, there is about to be a “quick work” of the Holy Spirit on Believers.) 

At this point, I again looked from the same location and the house had been properly aligned. And now the light of the entire window was clearly visible and centered in the kitchen. All was in its proper place.

I was now standing in the newly renovated kitchen and I “looked back” to see the view from this new perspective.

Suddenly I was nearly (for lack of a better word) sucked into a different part of the house that I did not realize was even there. It was as if a vacuum had been turned in my direction. In that moment, I cried out to Jesus knowing I was in danger of losing my footing and being carried into this new unknown place because of this great suction/vacuum.

End of dream


Believe there are three (3) parts of this dream that are being addressed.

The first is the “misalignment” of the house.
Even after giving our lives to the Lord Jesus and receiving our salvation; we find ourselves regardless of our best efforts unable to walk in that “straight” place. 

We simply cannot do it without the help of the Holy Spirit and that is why I cried out to the Lord in my distress. I was about to loose my footing and my position.  Even the Apostle Paul stated that those things I want to do an not able and those things I do not want to do I am continually doing. Paul simply understood our sinful nature.

In the days ahead, it will become much more clearly that our own personal strength will not be enough to endure until the end. Remember, not by might nor by power but by My Holy Spirit saith the Lord.

We know there were 10 Virgins. The word virgin translates to pure, chaste without blemish and untouched by the world. They All were pure, they All were separated and they All were sanctified. However only 5 were wise enough to understand they could not stand in their rightful position and endure the long dark night. They did not have the strength within themselves to wait for their Bridegroom without the power of the Holy Spirit. Our Joy and endurance comes from intimacy!


The second is looking back is not in our best interest. 

Looking for a different perspective may sound like a great idea however as I looked back, that is when the attack occurred!

One has to either slow down or stop entirely in order to look back.

Whenever we forfeit our momentum in the natural or in the Spirit, we lose ground!

Great runners rarely look back; they focus on what is before them. This is what the Apostle Paul wrote, run the race before you, forgetting those things behind. So while looking back at your life with the intent of changing some thing in your character in this New Year may sound good, it does not benefit you. Rather, you are simply a slower target for the enemy.


The third, each of us has two destinies!

This may not initially sound biblical however the parable of the sower and the seed states that many were called but few were chosen. Many were called, they most certainly had a destiny within the Kingdom but there was also a destiny for evil.

While we know the Lord has a wonderful individual destiny for each of us, the enemy too has a destiny for each of us. Each Believer actually has two destinies before him. Therefore we are commanded to choose life, choose those things that bring life!

This became apparent when I had stopped, turned around and felt the violent suction/vacuum that nearly dragged me “into a place” I did not even know existed. This was the alternative destiny the enemy had prepared for me, one of his own choosing, one of destruction.

This morning while I lay in bed thinking of the dream and the things the Spirit had revealed through it, the word “Fiddle” came to me.

Initially thought it to be a strange word! However after looking the word up, I then realized the Spirit was using a British term “fiddle” which means to swindle. 

That is exactly what the enemy is attempting to do, to swindle your God given destiny and replace it with the destiny of his choosing. Here is the acronym for Fiddle.

The enemy wants to “Fiddle” with (or swindle) your destiny!

F = Fear

I = Intimidation

D = Deception

D = Destruction

L = Lies

E = Error

This is the year you and I will see the greatest release of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit that has ever been observed by men.

By the time this years closes, you and I will not then nor ever be the same. By years end, we will have begun seeing the glorious Glory of the Lord and we will truly begin to walk in the Spirit.

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable