“Summoned to Refresh the Saints”



“This is the first time
they have ever found oil in our backyard”



“The Absolute Worst of Times” AND “The Most Wondrous of Times”



“Two Dreams”, Dress Rehearsals & Promotions



“Pushing the Blessings Forward”



“Sobbing for the Souls of Iran”



“Witchcraft Overtaking the Catholic Church”



Germany as a Nation
Will Come to Repentance”for what they did to the Jews!






“Shocked and Distraught”



“Who Are We to Judge Another?”



“Four Dreams”



“The Secret to Managing the Coming Resources”



“The Word of God is about to Fall
upon every College & University Campus”



“A Bruised Shoulder, Great Compassion and
A Wounded Economy ”



“Refreshing the Commander and Chief”



The Harvest, the Telescope & Hebrews



“Sam Donaldson, Part II”



“Parallel Destinies & the Danger of Looking Back”



“Great Resources Are Coming to Believers”



“The Muslim woman threw the Bible at me”



“Interceding for the Bride”



“The Two Brothers, the Older Woman and the Five Fold Ministries”



“I Work All Day for a Pound of Bread”



“A Somber Desperation Had Come”



“I do not have to live in this place” and
“The Young Woman was Optimistic”



“You Have No Idea of Your Capabilities”



“The Stock Market Will Drop by 6,000 Points”



“Heavenly Math”



“A Brief Vision”



“Attack of a Higher Principality”



“The Plateau of the Lord & Come Up Higher”



“Who Can Overcome This Book?”



“Earthquake in Central Florida”



“The Anguish of the Lord”



“The Desks Were Aligned as I Walked Between Them”



“And the Lion will Roar the Words”



“Make Ready Your Weapons”



“Christian Discomfort” Turn Many Against Israel and the Jewish People!



“Abiding Under the Shadow of the Almighty”



“Mass Exodus…Mass Hysteria”



The Cloud”



“The Vision and Dream for Communities in Israel”



“The Edge of His Glory”



“The Whiteboard, the Arab & the Passing of the Vision”



“A Deadly Silence”



“Ambush in the Upper Room”



“I Was Shot 3 times And Felt No Pain”



“The Muslim City & the Five Dreams of Asia”



“Social Security and Government Benefits”



“A Night of the Supernatural”



“America will accept Islamic Counting”



“I have Formed you for My purposes”



“A Night in Israel”



“Occupied by the Enemy”



“The Beautiful Young Woman will say”



A Meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu”



“Two Elephants in The House”



“Transformed and Transported”



“Three Dreams of the Jewish People”



“Dyslexic Baby To Glorious Bride”



“Scaling the Slippery Slope of the Church”



“Multitudes Arising Out of the Destruction”



“Disney World”



“Healing for the Nations”



“You are Up on Top and Out in Front”



“A Meeting With the Holy Spirit”



“Sam Donaldson”



“Unforgiveness and Bitterness”



“A Healer of Situations”



“Homecoming of the Saints”