The Beautiful Young Woman will say,
“But How did I get here?”

December 8, 2008

I did slightly amended this article to reflect my stance on Pre-trib to a greater degree) 
However I did not change the dream or its interpretation. end


Usually the dreams I have are easy to translate due to primarily the impressions and who is around me. Sometimes the Spirit connects two or three dreams that are related and the final dream reveals the end result

Occasionally, the Spirit connects an everyday circumstance with a dream or a prophetic word with a dream. He seems to enjoy the freedom of constantly changing the style of presentation.

In one dream, He revealed Himself as a 12 year old boy (see dreams, A Meeting with the Holy Spirit).
After that dream came other dreams where He would either be walking with me to a place or if we were in the presence of others, He would be behind me and off to one side and be observing what was taking place.

This particular dream confounded me for nearly a week and now I believe that it was
His good pleasure in doing so to make a greater impact upon me,
one of bewilderment on my part, in order to sense what She (the Church) was experiencing.

In the very near future,
The Beautiful Young Woman will say,
“But How did I get here?”

The dream began where I was standing on the very edge of a ravine that went straight down about 20 feet. At the bottom of the ravine was not hard ground but a smooth area that was very long and about 25 feet across, it looked to be man made. (almost like a narrow road)

When I looked across the ravine, there was a very beautiful young girl in her twenties. She was half sitting up and half laying down and there was a small mattress lying beside her. (She was Not on the mattress but beside it)

She was pleading with me and tears were running down her face.
She was saying, “but how did I get here?” over and over again.

Apparently she had just awoke and realized that she was not suffering from temporary dementia
but rather she had just realized that she was in a place that she did not care to be.

She was completely bewildered in where she found herself.
It was as if she had gone to sleep in one place only to awake and find herself in a totally different place.
(a latter note), she found herself to be cut off, separated from all that she loved and cared for.

My attention was drawn to my right, directly across from me and
“on the same side of the ravine”
was a black gentleman.

He too was observing us and listening to our conversation and suddenly said,

“But no one told me, no one told me”
and he plunged in to the ravine head first to his death.
I stood there in a state of shock and great sorrow for the man and also pity for the young woman.


Usually the interpretations of dreams are easy but this one took a few days to understand. I asked the Spirit to help me in it’s meaning. I believe that this is a picture of the Church.

The “Church Bride” has been sleeping for some time now and when she went to sleep, all was well. All seemed to be in order. She was residing in the right place or so she thought.

At first I could not understand the significance of the mattress that was beside her.
Her posture was as though she had just awakened and half sat up and was still partially reclined.

Her semi-state of slumber mixed with panic of being a place she did not recognize had spilled over.

The smooth 25 foot wide ravine that resembled a narrow road I believe, symbolizes the man made ease of moving “in the world” and not understanding how easily it is to find ourselves in a place we had no intention of traveling.

The black gentleman to my right when he fell forward, kept his arms down by his side.
It was an act of ultimate hopelessness.

He had simply said in his heart, he had never been told the complete truth
and thought it was too late to change!

Initially, my heart grieved for him until the Spirit revealed who the black man represented.

The black man is another picture of the Church!
Need to say here that he was on the same side of the ravine as myself,
he was NOT a part of the “sleeping Bride” but rather he was in an active mode.

He was awake and by his very words saying, “But no one told me!”
reveals that he was very much engaged but now the “OLD WAYS” had to die!
This is what the black man represented, “the old ways”

Business (within the Church) as usual has been dying for the last several years but now,
The Lord is changing the very way we conduct ourselves and All that pertains to the Kingdom.

Many have been taught and now believe, they would not have to endure the coming hardships
that believing Christians will experience.

Many in the Church have been taught they will simply be “Raptured”
and will not have to endure the tremendous hardships that are coming!

While we know we will not be on the earth when the Tribulation period begins.There will be great tribulation or pressure upon the Saints. There will be much death and destruction that takes place prior to the Rapture. Far too long, many believers have been taught they will escape all of the difficult times, which we can see in the middle east is not truth.

The Church will exit in Victory not defeat! However there is a job for us to accomplish and that is to bring in the greatest Harvest the Church has ever endeavored. 

While we all look for and long for the snatching away, the Har’pod’zo (the catching away) of the Church, only in persecution will the harvest be acheived. 

Unfortunately, most of the Church expects to be raptured and does not continue in the faith to study and show themselves approved. They do not prepare, they view the harvest as a job for someone else. The Church leaders do not equip the Saints for the work of the ministry and to bring the Church in to Unity.

And thereby the Church becomes lazy!
Here are two devastating results from this mindset.

1. Placing our faith in being Raptured has removed the responsibility from the Church and has lulled the Church to sleep!

2. It has also allowed the believers to “not prepare” themselves or others for what is coming, remembering that “Faith without works is dead”!

They do not sense the urgency of preparing their hearts and minds. Additionally they do not prepare the houses. A wise man sees evil coming and prepares his house.

When devastation comes and it will come, many will lose all hope!
They will become disillusioned and say,
“But No One Told Me and it’s Too Late To Change!

That is why the Lord asked the question,
When I come back, “will Faith be found on the earth?”

The Church, the True Bride of Christ is now beginning to awaken from her slumber and
She will say, How did I get here?”

The real message is one of Hope for a future!
Yes, the beautiful young woman had fallen asleep,
she had given in to the fatigue of the battle but
The Bride is about to awaken!


Steve Grable