“Interceding For The Bride”
Destruction had come

August 16th, 2017




The dream began with me standing in the midst of rubble and complete devastation. Even the very size of the rocks that were left over from the destruction were now, small enough for a common man to pick up.


As I stood there looking upon what had been a city, I heard some people off in the distance say, “This man, he is our leader”.


Then a man walked from my left passed me by and continued about 10 feet and stopped. He then turned to me and gave me a resentful and prideful look as if to say I was nothing.


The next moment, I found myself standing in a open field of some type completely alone. I was openly and out loud and almost in a combative posture, praying in the spirit. It was as though I was pounding on the doors of Heaven, it was a time of great desperation.


The next scene, I was being forced onto a helicopter and was taken to another city. After I had arrived there was a man and a beautiful woman who seemed to be together but were not married.


They were in the upper echelons of this new order.
There were several people groups referred to as classifications.

This upper tier was known as “Rising Sons”.


The man and the woman were in this group.
They were not the actual leaders however they were just below the top people.


When I had been at the destroyed city, I was classified as the lowest or the most offensive or dangerous group. However both the man and the beautiful woman for some reason initially misunderstood my classification.


However this woman who had “much clout”, in some way reclassified my status. It was primarily the woman who befriend me. I do not remember the man being active in helping me in any way.


It was at this point, while in their presence I had access to a computer and I was able to access a source in whom I trusted. And was given private information that even the man and woman could not obtain with their high classification status.

(This computer source I believe was the Holy Spirit)


I was showing both the man and woman that from this private source, “destruction was coming” and they must flee.


They had important jobs within the order in that location and they thought it had been an oversight that I had not been assigned a place to stay. So they offered me their place temporarily. 


When I went into their place, it was easy to see they had been living together. I found both of their things in the same chest of drawers so it was obvious she was being seduced by the man which refers to her ideologies and doctrines.


Then I looked behind me out the window and I watched the same man the people called their leader whom I had seen in the devastated city. The one who gave me the despising glance.


He was standing before a very large group of people.

Then he said you must have this in your heart!


Then with his right hand, he reached into his shirt where his heart was and pulled out what appeared to be a lizard or reptile.


Again, I found myself out in the open, raising my voice with all that was in me, “praying in the spirit”.

The time was so very short and desperation was now!


Again, I found myself at the computer.

Again, I received a message from my faithful source
(the Holy Spirit) giving me a warning of coming disaster.


Last scene was I came up on a very dark van, a 15 passenger.
It was full of many who were in the “Rising Sons”.
The woman was sitting in the far back corner just above where the rear tire would have been.


However, the van had an accident and the driver’s side rear tire had completely come off. The entire van was tilting toward the rear tire and no one was able to get out of the van. It was as though all the doors were all stuck.


I was not in the van but came upon it just after it had been disabled and I went to where the rear tire was missing.


I managed to open the door and the beautiful woman came out quickly and easily since she was sitting just above it.


Then I shared with her that I had just received information from my source.

The message was that the city would be destroyed in 6-hours.
We had to leave the city.

End of dream



Considerations and Interpretations

1. Destruction was occurring in certain cities and not to others. It appeared to be random but with the Lord nothing is random. 


2. Christians were classified as the lowest and most offensive or  dangerous to the order.


3. The beautiful woman was the True Church. However, The man was who was with her did not share her in Authority! He belonged to the apostate church, which has No authority.


4. Twice, I was in great intercession and I was praying in the spirit.


5. Twice I received private information on the computer from my faithful source, the Holy Spirit.


6. Notice the words in the sentence: When I went into their place,
“it was easy to see they had been living together”.

Does this not remind you of the Wheat and the Tares growing up
(or living) together?


7.  The last thing I found only after re-reading what I had written was the name of the high echelon called the “Rising Sons”.

Believe this was the enemies tactic or way to say that every one could ascend to the position of son. In other words it was an attempt to demean the Son of God, the Lord Jesus.


Finally, while I have my thoughts regarding the “6” hours before destruction would come, I do not have a firm interpretation of this “6” hours before destruction. 


Another observation:
Am writing this a few months after having had the dream. The “6-hours before destruction could well translate in to 6 years. I have pondered on its meaning and can come to no other interpretation but it means 6-years, it other words, the Tribulation period would begin around the Fall of 2023.

This seems to align with another teaching I wrote in titled,

“We have until 2021-2022 to complete the Great Commission”.


Blessings to you and your house,
Steve Grable