“The Two Brothers, the Older Woman and
the Five Fold Ministries”

Monday August 1, 2017



 The dream began as I was following closely behind a rather “older woman”. Though she had a certain amount of class and vibrancy however looks are often deceiving.


She was about to enter in through a very defined doorway of what appeared to be a rather large distinguished home.


 In front of the woman were two men; one was younger than the other. It is important to say that none of us had actually entered through the door way at that moment but we all standing at the door.


The youngest was standing off to the left closest to the door.

The older was slightly to the right and in front of the younger facing the woman and me.


Both of these men stood before the woman however they had both moved slightly to the left to allow the woman to pass by them. It was as if they were waiting for her to enter and they would follow.  


Again, I was following the woman.

The woman began to say she had pain (dis-unity) in her body! Without saying a word, the older brother reached out and laid his hand upon her and began to pray.


The woman “staggered slightly” and it was then I felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to also lay hands upon her. And as I reached out to touch the back of her neck, my hand did not actually touch her before…

I felt a surge of electricity run through my hand and when my fingers were still a few inches away from her, she went down very hard.
So I never physically touched her.

When the woman went down, it was not like a normal person simply falling but rather it was as if she had great weight had been placed upon her. Obviously, the Spirit had dropped on her in a powerful way.


The Interpretation

There were two men in the dream,
the younger” and “the older” brothers.


These two men are the Jew and the Gentile.

However the two men are not just Jew and Gentile but rather they are the soon coming Believing Jews and the current Believing Gentiles. And according to Eph 2:15, these two will become the One New Man.


The “younger brother” was the Jew.
And even though he has carried the old Covenant until the time of Jesus, he is unskilled in the spiritual things of the New Covenant.


The “older brother” is the True Church
The True Church is comprised of Born Again Believers.

The older brother stood before the old woman and when she complained of pain “dis-unity”, the older brother who is the Believers quickly laid hands on her.


“The old woman” is a type of church.

The woman was a church but not “the” Church.

This church was comprised of those who were not Born Again.
Even though she had a “form of maturity / godliness,

she denied the power thereof.


The woman was Not the true church but was a decoy.
Although she “appeared” to be have a certain amount of class and maturity, all of this was only a façade.


She continued to complain about her circumstances.
She was in such disunity because of her wrong doctrines.

he older brother who is the born again believers kept coming and praying that God’s purposes would be accomplished in her.


And while he prayed, the woman only “staggered”.
In other words, the prayer did have an impact but the older brother was not praying in the spirit but was praying with his natural mind.


And that is the reason the Five Fold assisted the older brother in helping to direct in praying in accordance with the Holy Spirit and not with the natural mind.


We were all standing at the door.
We all are about to enter through the doorway of eternity.


The reason I viewed her as older was (I believe) her time on earth was very short.


Believe I represented the “five fold ministers”.
The Five Fold Ministers will be the “Ignition Key” that will activate the Church in the days ahead.

Some years ago, I was given the following dream regarding the Five Fold Ministers and how they would ignite the Church.


Here is the LINK to that dream




Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable