“I do not have to live in this place”


“The young woman was optimistic but
it was not what I was seeing”

Two Dreams
May 20th and May 21, 2017


“I do not have to live in this place”

In the last two days I’ve had two dreams back to back and wish to share them with you.

The first dream began with two other couples each having a family and myself having to move in the middle of the night. We began moving at midnight, which I thought this is a crazy time to be moving from one place to another.

However we all worked very hard and were finished around 2am and we all collapsed and slept. The next morning as I was walking around the new place, it was an old dilapidated house, a place of squalor both inside and out.

As I walked around the rooms I noticed the beds were extremely narrow and just barely long enough to lie down. This was also true for the couple’s beds, they were the same size as mine and I thought how could two people possibly sleep on this narrow bed.

There was no kitchen to speak of only a small one burner hot plate, everything just seemed very inconvenient. It was then I heard the two women out in another room singing; they seemed oblivious to the conditions of the house that we were all living in. They appeared to have little or no interest in cleaning or improving the conditions within  the house. 

It was then; the thought came to my mind, why am I living like this? I will return to my beautiful condo where there is comfort and beauty and peace. End of dream 


“The young woman was optimistic but
it was not what I was seeing

The dream began as I stood in a large office room. There were about six of us in total including the boss. While we were all there and prepared to work, there was very little we could do since the workload itself had diminished to the point there was little for us to do.

Things were so difficult that this office has rented a large room of their office to anther small company. Everything was depressed, my thoughts were simply, “there are no jobs”.

There was a young woman, will call her Sally who had a dream and was sharing it with the boss. After sharing it, they both seemed optimistic about the conditions and the future. All the while that was the exact opposite of everything I was seeing and experiencing with this group of people. It was if they kept believing for something that was not reality. While optimism is good, it eventually does require some factual reality.

Throughout the dream, my sense was, “there were no jobs”.

End of dream


There was one other short dream prior to the dream above.
I was in a very small shop; their inventory had been reduced to almost nothing. They had about a dozen men’s shirts and a few other items in the whole store. I thumbed through what was available and remember saying, I have this shirt and also this one.

It was as if they had no new merchandise, they were simply selling what was left. The idea was the owner could not longer order stock; he was desperately attempting to sell what remained. The economy had become so severe that nearly all were struggling and they had been reduced to just a very few stores as the vast majority of other retail stores had closed.   End of dream