“The Muslim City & Five Dreams of Asia”


(Series of Dreams)
May 24, 2010

1St Dream, The Muslim City

I was walking in Iran with a woman (she was the church) who I knew and another person who was a sort of a “tour guide” in a large city.
(This tour guide represented the demonic activity) 

I remember the architecture of that City and parts of it were attractive but very cold. Although it was daytime, there was no traffic, there was a complete lack of any activity, and the streets were deserted.

The tour guide (the enemy) wanted to take us to another part of the city and the woman (the Church) agreed and I felt in my spirit we were not to go in this direction with this man. 

Although I attempted to talk her out of going with him,
she went with him and I parted company from them.

I turned my head in another direction for just a brief moment and when I looked back in their direction, they had disappeared.

Felt this to be a very dangerous place. 

End of dream


“Five Dreams of Asia”
Series of 5 Dreams

May 24th, 2010


1. Asian Believers
Was walking inside of an Asian province/city, was going along and encountered a wall about 12-15 feet high. I instinctively knew I had to climb this wall. (the wall could represent there was a large obstacle to be overcome)

At the base of this wall was a small family (small number of believers) who had spread out a few thin blankets and set up residence at the base of the wall. (The base of the wall could be the people had a basic understanding of Christianity and the thin blankets could mean their faith was very fragile) The people were very humble (teachable) and allowed me to scale the wall directly above their makeshift home. (The people were willing to possibly sacrifice their possessions in order to experience More of God)

2. Asian Province
I was still in this province; I ran in to a young woman (could rep. the Church) in her early 40s, she was American. She had moved there and started a business (ministry) and was doing well for herself. When she realized I was an American, she showed me around the province and was quite hospitable.

Hong Kong

I asked her how far Hong Kong was from this province and she took me to the very edge of the province and opened a large door and before me was an extremely muddy almost impassible field to cross in order to enter Hong Kong. Evidently these people, in order to avoid certain laws, restrictions and possibly taxes had built their province on the very outer edge of Hong Kong. (Many people in this province were believers living side by side with unbelievers).

Guns for sale

This province was like an Asian Wal-Mart, where everything from food to clothing etc was being offered by numerous merchants. The woman was taking me by a small shop with all four sides were open to customers. (were very accessible). There were two men and both were able to speak English. They were selling guns among other items. For curiosity sake, I asked them if it was legal to carry guns in their country and they replied yes but their country required a 3 year permit that had to be purchased. Then they both laughed, the idea was, the local officials would come back every 3-4 months and ask for more money so there was great corruption within the officials.

3. Witchcraft
I was inside an Asian built type of large building, it was made of bamboo and similar materials.

Within the large building there was a 10′-12′ tall hut and it was round and had a circumference of about 12-15 feet. I watched as a man entered this structure, then he began what I heard the Spirit refer to as “the throwing of bones” as he attempted to throw the bones into small baskets that lined the inner walls

of the hut. The Spirit was showing me the witchcraft they were practicing.

This “throwing of bones” were used to ward off evil spirits and the casting of spells.


4. Musical pipes
I heard this beautiful music and as I looked over to a wall of the inside of the mall of many merchants,

there were several musical pipes made of recycled multi-colored metal tubing with an opening of about 1/4 inch in diameter and were cut to different lengths which gave each tube a distinctive tone and they had been tied together and were used as a musical instrument. There were many of these instruments that were hanging on the side of one of the walls of a seller’s shop.

5. The man named OsbornAgain

When I was walking through this large Bamboo market, I was talking with one of the locals (believe this man to be the Holy Spirit) and he knew I was a believer so he stayed right with me and he was talking about a man all the locals referred to as OsbornAgain.

OsbornAgain was known and appreciated by many of the locals and this man was taking me to meet him.

I believe the Spirit of the Lord had brought me here to either give OsbornAgain a word or to anoint him for a specific purpose or possibly to inform him he was being elevated in his calling.

Whichever way, this I understood was “one” of the main reasons for being brought to Asia.