“Heavenly Math”

November 12th, 2016




Last night I had a very brief unusual dream that has opened the door a little more into an understanding of new ideas and concepts. We have beyond an awesome life awaiting us in the New Jerusalem, all of this and Jesus too!


Some time during last night, I got up to go the bathroom. When I returned to bed and as I lay back down, I began to praise Him. Thanking Him for all His thoughts toward me and His kindness to me.


As I began to drift off to sleep and it came rather quickly, I found myself standing behind myself in the spirit. I instantly knew I was in Heaven.

It was like having an out of body experience which seems to be common in many dreams. So I was watching myself looking at a board with symbols.


There was a type of board in front of me (somewhat like a blackboard)
and I was looking at symbols that I understood to be “Heavenly Math”.


Can remember standing looking at the symbols and counting so I knew I was involved in some type of math but I did not recognize any of the symbols. 

My understanding was that I was working a very “high math” with ease!

It was not difficult, there was no learning curve as one would expect.

It was as if I had been working this “high math” all of my days. I had no recollection of having used any other type of math.


Dear Saints, 

Every thing you see today on earth, all the incredible beauty, 

every little animal be it on the earth, in the air or in the seas, every flower, tree, blade of grass, the freshness of the rain, and the treasuries of the snow are All “replicas” of those things found in Heaven or we should say the New Jerusalem.


The Presence of the Lord is in every thing!

There are things in the Kingdom that we cannot fathom.

Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor the mind conceived those things that have been prepared for those who Love Him and are called according to His Purposes.


However by the Spirit, we do have access and glimpses into the wonderful things that await us. So while today, we see these little replicas, our tomorrows will be filled with shock and awe!


We have a date with our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus!


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable