Steve’s Two Hour Teaching Video



The Beauty of Diversity in the Kingdom”



“Seven Benefits of Praying in Tongues”



“The Secret Place”



Because I knew, “you” would pray!



“Learning to Love Without a Cause”



“The Four Tongues”



“Piercing the Veil”



 “We have until 2024-25
complete the Great Commission”




The Ark of the Covenant Will Never be Found”



“Why Prayer is Not Answered”



 “The Harvest Will Extend Three to Four Years in Length”



 “The Dilemma of Prophets”



 “Please Turn to the Book of Laodicea”




“Peoples, Tribes, Tongues & Nations




“End time Nations of Ezekiel 38”



“Discerning the Times”



“The Devil’s Dream”  



 “What are the Implications of the Year of Jubilee”



“Believers Are Never Failures”



“Prophesying Within the Vision” 



 “Matthew 24”



“The Father’s Most Prized Possession, You!”



“The Proverb of Two Servants”



“I Receive Your Deity but not Your Humanity!”



“The Things of the Spirit”



“The Timing of the Great Flood”



“Playing Games With The Holy Spirit”



“Bring Back The Days of Ananias and Sapphira”



“Power of Life and Death”



“One Step Towards Unity”



“Saints Murdering Saints”



“A New Wineskin For A New Anointing”



“The Saints Will Live In Linear Time”



“The Beginning of the Age of the Spirit”



“He Blinded His Own”



 “A Picture of Jesus

through His five fold ministers



Twelve Represents “The Government of God”



“The 12th Chapters”



“The Meaning of Other Numbers”



“When He is Enough”



“Warning to those who seek the Holy life!”



“Why the Rapture cannot take place at any moment!”



“Eight Necessary Changes to Prepare for the Harvest”



“Are You Angry With God?”



“The Number 120 Has Great Significance”



“What is a Remnant?”



“The Prophet and The Pizza Boy”



“Perfect Eggs”



“Where No Oxen Are”



“I Won’t Drop You Either”



“The Fear that Disables”



“Why Would God Choose Me?” 



By Another Author
“The Message Contained
In The First Ten Names”