“A Brief Vision”

August 5th, 2016


Greetings Dear Saints,


Friday night the Spirit brought to me an open vision. While I have had more dreams than I can count, only a few times have I experienced a vision. 

The vision was brief in nature and began as I lay in bed but had awakened and was turning over and with open eyes looked up toward the ceiling. The ceiling in my condo is only 8’ high.

My eyes were drawn forward of my position and slightly to the left. There I began seeing a darkness however in the darkness was like “reddish lighting flashes”. 

They seemed to draw my eyes beyond the normal ceiling and further still until I knew I was looking up at a point about 25 to 30 feet above where I lay.

It was then I observed a portal open up and was able to see into the portal only very slightly, I could see several people moving about within the portal.

Then it closed and I kept searching around in an attempt to find the portal again and only briefly did it reopen and then closed.
end of vision


I believe the above vision is a sign or a promise of far greater things to come! It was only to be a taste, a small tantalizing event that will drive us to know Him in every way possible. Dear ones, there is no limitation upon God for He is able to bring a continual unfolding revelation of Himself and His Kingdom to you and me! This is only one of the most incredible gifts is an eternal unfolding, an eternity to learn without failure or fatigue. 


This vision is only a small beginning when compared to those things that are coming!
in 2007, the Spirit brought to me Twenty-One Supernatural Events Coming Upon the Church. 

Here is the LINK

 “Twenty-One Supernatural Events Coming Upon the Church”



My Dear Saints,

I have been praying at times almost non-stop in the Spirit. Never before have I desired or endeavored to pray more either out loud when alone or within myself in public as much as the last three weeks. There is a connection with God that supersedes normal prayer. When you begin to pray, you will come into a place of quietness, then pray with understanding and let you requests be known unto God. Then continue in the Spirit.


You will find that after a time of praying in the Spirit, you will more easily move into a time of travail and intercession. Your heart will become softened for those whom you know to have needs be it natural or spiritual. 


When you agree with the Spirit that is within you, it is impossible to pray contrary to the will of God. Suddenly your words are led by the Holy Ghost and He will strip away the heavens made of brass and you will come Boldly before the Throne of Grace. You are not a beggar but a son!


Your heart has now become synchronized with the heart of Jesus just as His heart is with the Father. Obstacles now become a stepping stone! All things have become forgiven and forgotten, behold All things are new!


The gentle hand of Jesus ushers you into His Father’s Chambers and you begin to see the T’sa’dakah, the “multiple acts of loving kindness” He has and is providing for you. You will begin to understand your destiny and your purposes in the Kingdom. So while you entered on behalf of another’s need, you too will find the Father’s Favor.


Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights.
We so many times miss out on the wonderful benefits of showing our Gratitude! When we are grateful to Him, it leads to praise and then worship.


Dear Saint, I encourage you to begin praying in the Holy Ghost every chance you get.
Prepare yourself for the days and events that lay ahead so you may not be found in fear.

if you have not experienced this wonderful gift, this promise of the Father, He is awaiting your openness to His Spirit. 



Shortly after sending out this vision, believe the Spirit was saying that the people moving about within the vision were       “That Great Cloud of Witnesses”.


I had encountered this great cloud of witnesses in a dream some years ago titled, 

 “Dyslexic Baby To Glorious Bride”


Remembering the Kingdom of God is not word of but power. 

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable