That memorable morning that changed my life forever is still deeply imbedded within my spirit. I was still suffering from effects of the prior night. We had spent that evening with friends having conversation, dinner and margaritas.

Although I had been raised Catholic with my education coming from the Catholic school system and having what I then considered a healthy respect for God, there had always been an emptiness within me.

My grandmother was born again! A wonderful lady also of the Catholic persuasion and it was she who with much love gently pushed me toward a relationship with Jesus, although that decision would not come until many years later.

That morning of March 6,1983, my wife and I went to church in spite of how badly I felt and chose to sit toward the back of the church. The message was that Satan had called a meeting of his chief demons and asked them just one question:

“What is the best weapon we can use against those who would give their hearts to Jesus?”

Many answers were given, all were good but then one demon stood up and said,

We can tell them that the word of God is true, that Jesus did die for their sins, that He arose again the third day and ascended to His heavenly Father and He is the only way to salvation”.

By now Satan and all the demons were putting their hands over their ears saying “stop, stop, stop this insanity.”

Then the same demon continued “ However, we will also tell them, “You don’t have to make that decision today, there will always be time tomorrow!”

That demon’s name was “Procrastination” a seemingly minor demon among all the others but his words rang loudly among Satan and all his hordes of hell and they quickly adopted his policy.

This message captivated my mind and my heart. The humor of God is often evident, whereas we had nearly always sat toward the front, I now sat in the back and had to walk the entire length of the church, which I gladly did to meet my King!


But then, an awesome thing happened!

When I knelt on the altar to give my life to Jesus Christ, I had an out of body experience. Although physically I was kneeling on the altar, I was observing myself from the back of the church. And watched “the Hand of God” come diagonally from the left top part of the roof of the church down on me on the right side of the altar and just before He touch me, I bowed my head and said, “I am not worthy.”

This marvelous experience changed my life but was only the beginning…………