“The Whiteboard, the Arab & the Passing of the Vision”
August 24, 2010


I receive many dreams and the Spirit seems to take great delight in changing His style of presentation. Many times He will bring several dreams and then convey they are linked, other times, He will bring different scenes within the dream. In all of this I feel privileged beyond words, for what are we that He is mindful of us?

Whenever the Spirit brings these night visions, one element almost always seems to be missing……dates! So the following dream was somewhat more difficult to send to all of you when it occurred. Let’s face it, no one wants to say thus saith the Lord and set a date, this is a very precarious place to stand.

The following dream was brought to me on August 24, 2010. And at the time I did not see any possible way for it to take place however after 28 years of these dreams I have come to the understanding that I can “take it to the bank” when I receive them.
The Word states, Abraham staggered not at the promises of God and it was counted to him as righteousness. Thank you Lord that you are our righteousness.

This dream is different than every other dream as a date is given and a divine appointment has been set!

“The Whiteboard, the Arab & the Passing of the Vision” August 24, 2010

The following is a dream that included dear friends John and Marie of whom many of you know but for those who do not know John is completely blind. This blindness will not be for much longer as the Lord gave me a very beautiful and specific word for John’s healing about twenty years ago which I will share at a later time.

There are three scenes in this dream and are all connected. John and Marie and I were in Israel
in all three scenes of this dream and this dream must be realized before next June 1st, 2011.


First Scene

We were in Israel sitting in what appeared to be a large classroom. The room was about 25’ feet across the front and perhaps 50’ deep. There were seats for students possibly accommodating 50 people. However, John and Marie were sitting up front and to the farthest left side. I was seated behind and to the right side. There was a woman in her forties who was seated up in front and although there were no students she was very busy. She had an air of take charge and was busy at her desk.

She seemed to be speaking to someone in the other adjoining room to the left of our room however I did not see anyone else. The adjoining room had 40’ of windows across the front and again a large room for students. Although I did not physically go in to the room, I could see the room in the spirit.

I noticed there were 5 eight foot whiteboards hanging in sliding tracks suspended from the ceiling just in front of the windows. They could either be slid all the way to the left and be “out of the way” or they could be easily slid on the tracks to cover the 40’ of windows, thus creating a continuous, 40’ whiteboard to write on. In addition, the whiteboard could also block out the distraction of the busyness of the outside traffic, and I thought this layout to be an ingenious idea. Must also say, the whiteboards were totally unused, there was no writing on them.

A possible consideration, this could have symbolized the Church, a beautiful and well laid out facility without students, a “busy” teacher but no one was being educated or prepared. However, I did not feel that this dream was symbolic. Most dreams I have received have been easily discernable and very direct.

End of first scene.



Second Scene

The Holy Spirit had given me a “vision” that I was to pass on to an Arab man. I was not given this vision in the dream but do know that the vision will be given to me prior to meeting this Arab. Have come to believe that this Arab is without a doubt a Christian Arab and he will be given great influence with his people.

Instinctively knew that John and Marie had been assigned to go out and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit find the “right man” who had been chosen by God to receive the “Vision” the Lord had given me.

I am in the front seat of a car; I was not in the driver’s seat but the middle seat. The driver’s side backdoor opens and first Marie enters and then the Arab man (who was in his early 50s perhaps 52 or 53) then John enters last.

I turn around and am speaking directly in to the face of the Arab just one or two feet away and he was very focused and I was saying to him, “I am now 62 years old (believe this was said to inform me this will occur prior to June 1st my next birthday) and I have been sent to pass the “Vision” on to you.

End of scene 2



Third Scene

We are in a public place sitting on a sofa; believe we were in the lobby of a hotel, still in Israel. Facing the sofa, John was to the far left, sitting next to him was a beautiful young girl who I found myself smitten with for some reason.

Next to the young girl was the Arab man (he was not wearing the Muslim white dress but was dressed in ordinary Arab attire; Marie was seated on the far right. With these four seated on the sofa, there was no room for me so I knelt down on one knee between the beautiful young girl and the Arab.

We were all holding hands, John to the young girl, I held her other hand and my right hand held the Arab’s hand and his hand to Marie. As we began to pray, the anointing of the Spirit fell upon all of us and I was shaking almost uncontrollably and knew in the spirit that everyone was experiencing this same anointing.

It was here the “Vision” was being passed on to the Arab. It was not by the words of my mouth but by the power of the Holy Spirit through His anointing was this vision being revealed to the Arab.

Important to say, believe this ordinary Arab man (possibly a Palestinian am not sure) has been chosen by the Lord to receive the vision, not just for himself only but will help and bless many Arabs with this vision.

Since we were in the lobby of the Israeli hotel, all of the hotel staff as well as other guests were observing this scene and felt the presence of God. End of dream…

When I received this dream my only thought was according to your word Lord. As of yesterday, John, Marie and I have secured a place to stay in Jerusalem and flight plans have been made. We will be leaving April 30th and return June 4th.

The provision has obviously come from the Lord, He has simply made a way where there was no way! Whenever we submit in obedience, He provides.

It will be most interesting to see how the Spirit will bring this Arab man who (I believe will be a believer) to John and Marie. It will be their task under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to find this man. It seems contrary even foolish to the human mind to expect John and Marie to go out among the people and find one specific man. However, when we review the servant of Abraham who went to a distant land and found a Bride for Isaac then we see the foolishness of man is the wisdom of God.

I bring all of this to you that you may hear of the things of God and how His Spirit is ever working to perform His Word.

As times become more dark and uncertain, we will begin to see the provision of God if we are obedient. This is only a small preview of great things that are to come. God is no respecter of man, and though He is continually creating by His Spirit, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable