"Twenty-one supernatural events
that will come upon the Church!"
March 2007

Repentance is coming upon the Church first so that
"The times of Refreshing" may come!

Then the Holy Spirit will fall on those who believe and signs and wonders
will follow those who profess Jesus as Lord!

We are spirit beings created for eternity who just happen to temporarily have
physical bodies, NOT physical bodies who just happen to have a spirit!

Be a believer with Clean Hands and have Pure Motives!
Position yourselves in a spirit of humility and love for the Lord.

The Holy Spirit will reach in to the darkness where sin has ruled, and will bring Salvation to:

Those with addictions to drugs, those living in sexual promiscuity,
those who have become addicted to pornography, those in the occult, atheists
and the those with absolutely no church background will find themselves
drawn to and hungry for the things of God, and He will not disappoint!

The hearts of the fathers will again turn back to the sons and the hearts of the sons will again turn
back to their fathers. Many families will find forgiveness and be restored.

The Church will become that Beautiful and Spotless Bride she was destined!
She will be aglow and her appearance will be like that of the sun,
She will take on the character and likeness of Jesus!

We are believing the Holy Spirit for the impossible!
We do not desire to simply see miracles but miracles
for the Jew and Gentile, to bring them to salvation. We are a people, a generation
that Jesus is raising up to do all the exploits that He did and Greater things will we do!

The Latter anointing will be Greater than the Former!

Like the prophet Elisha who desired a double anointing that was on Elijah,
we too desire a double anointing.

But our request of the Lord, is not for the double anointing of Elijah,
BUT we ask the Lord
to grant us the Double anointing of Elisha!

For marvelous, and awesome events are about to occur that will reveal,
amaze and humble our small intellects. We are about to see Heaven come to earth
in the sense of having His presence & "His will being done on earth as in Heaven."
Please know that we believers do not seek just a sign but rather we seek intimacy with Jesus.
These signs & miracles that will be occurring through us by the Holy Spirit and will be within the
context of love & to serve His purposes.


"Twenty-one supernatural events
that will come upon the Church!"

"The following are some great & awesome events that will occur
in our near future to those who answer His Call!"

1.  Believers will walk in wholeness and holiness

2.  The reaper will overtake the sower, salvations will come quickly

3.  Food will be multiplied

4.  Water will come from strange sources

5.  Money will be supplied supernaturally

6.  Godís servants will be transported to and from areas of ministry

7.  Holy Spiritís protection of believers from our enemies

8.   Believers will be led to safety by angels

9.  The eyes of our enemies will be blinded while the blind are being healed

10.  Time will stand still for the purposes of the Holy Spirit

11.  The giftings will be in full operation

12.  Visions, Dreams, Prophetic words will abound

13.  Believers will be healing the sick and raising the dead

14.  We will see demonic activity and pray and cast them out!

15.  Encounters with Angels will become almost common place

16.  The Glory that was on Moses will at times be on His ministering servants

17.  This same Glory will be present on the Saints as they are being martyred

18.  The True Body of Messiah will move in perfect orchestration of the Holy Spirit

19.  We will walk on water and through solid objects when necessary

20.  New Believers will mature quickly and begin to minister to others

21.  Jew and Gentile will become the One New Man

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.

Get Ready All Ye His Saints
Though the days will be dark and dangerous,
"the Glory of the Lord"

will so completely overshadow the evil that we will say,
" that for our light affliction, there is waiting for us, a far more eternal weight of GLORY!"


Steve Grable