Prophecy given by
Dominiquae Bierman

at Whole Loaf Christian Church


 ďSomething is happening in the land of Israel.Ē



The Lord wants you to be very encouraged tonight. That He sees in your heart, of gold. The Lord sees a heart of gold in you.  A heart that has been tried and tested, a heart that has been  plowed much, a heart that is faithful and committed, and quite ready, quite ready to the unfolding of many many strong and big events, That you have been waiting for.


It is like you are almost there, before an unfolding of great and mighty events that will change you, and change many people.


I sense a connection with the land of Israel that is very very strong.  We are all connected but you there is something there I feel that God is doing to connect you very strongly with the land, I see you, itís like youíre Married with the land, Married with the land, thatís the word I hear from the Lord.  Youíre married with the land of Israel, itís been a long engagement but there is a marriage coming now.


And God wants you to know that there is support for you.  That there is support, that there are assigned people, that He has spoken to already, and many of them have not even spoken to you yet. Because they were waiting on Godís timing, the timing was of essence. And these assigned people will come up and they will support, they will support the big events that God will do in your life, that you will not be alone.


It will feel lonely and it has felt lonely.  There has been a loneliness there and a lonely walk in the vision that God has given you but it was a loneliness of separation.  And many times, you know, we go through that loneliness and we think well perhaps itís us. But it is a loneliness of separation of consecration of the Lord setting you aside and apart, to impart to you the vision in a accurate way.  


And I hear the word perception, that the Lord has given you a very deep perception of events.  And the Lord will use you with that perception.  You will even correct some peopleís theologies.  I see you correcting some peoplesí theologies, But because of the brokeness in your heart and because of the plowing done in you, the correction will come out of a place of great love and of self-sacrifice.    


But I see you just like a Daniel, like a Daniel favor upon you.  Like the favor that was upon Daniel, youíve been a man that has not compromised yourself with the delicacies of the King, and itís been a testing in that area, but youíve not compromised yourself with the delicacies of the King, and because of that, the Lord finds a pure vessel, and He will work through that pure vessel, and He will work through that pure vessel, but I hear the LAND is coming.


Lord, I just thank you for my brother, Lord, I thank you God for the way you have prepared him for such a time as this, Lord for the way he has endured affliction and hardship and sometimes so many misunderstandings even of close people, that could not understand, could not see where this man was going.


But Lord I thank you and I praise you that today, publicly, you have honored him, and that today publicly, you have confirmed, you have confirmed your approval of him and you have confirmed your calling upon him.


And I thank you Lord as this public is happening, there is a lot of inner-healing that is coming into his heart tonight Lord.


And I ask that you visit him by your Spirit Oí God and that you now fill him up with purpose and recharge him with an energy from heaven Lord with a power of God, Lord God, I thank you for putting that on, putting that on, itís on, itís on.


 And I thank you Lord now for the breath of life and the fire of God to start burning, Lord God, as heís been a living sacrifice and he is burnt up. And As a burnt offering Lord, I thank you now for the power of God to be upon him, in the name of Yeshua and for the gate to open up and the door to open up Lord, for God has been waiting for the gate to open up and the door to open up Lord, for God has been waiting for the gate and He has been waiting for the door to open up and I thank you he will be able to walk through the door, he will be able to walk through and Lord, he will not be stopped.  He will not be stopped.


I thank you Lord, I thank you that you know what it is and I thank you that you will reveal to your servant exactly what this word means to him Lord in the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach, but in the days ahead, you father God will be using this man mightily and I thank you, I bless you for the boldness of the Lion of the tribe of Judah to be upon him, as the humility of the Lamb has already been imparted, now let the boldness come, let the boldness come and be stirred up, to bear fruit, for the kingdom of heaven is near, in Yeshuaís name, thank you Father.