“Transformed & Transported”
November 10, 2007

The dream from the Holy Spirit came to me early in the morning.

I was inside and walking toward the rear of the bus and there was a man (not symbolic) but a real man.
He was attempting to apprehend me and when I had come to the very rear of the bus,
I was hemmed in and there was no visible way of escape.

Suddenly, I went right through the back of the bus and found myself standing on the ground outside
and below the window of the bus. I looked up and watched the man’s face that displayed his frustration,
the bus was pulling away.

I was standing with my feet spread apart and my hands were up as though ready to fight
when I had an out of body experience and observed myself from about 8-10 feet away
and I was being lifted up in that posture.

It was as if my entire being was being transformed into a different substance
and I felt a motion like my body laying flat and elevated
and at the same time I was being rotated, like being spun and
I heard myself saying, "Oh No", for the motion actually at first startled me,

And I heard the voice;

“I will not hurt you!”
Instinctively, I knew this to be the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Then I felt tremendous acceleration as He was transporting me to a different location.

End of dream

My belief is that the Lord is showing us that in the very near future that just as Jesus
walked through those who wanted to kill him and as Philip who was caught away after
 ministering Isaiah to the eunuch.
Also, Elijah (1st kings, 18:12 where Obadiah is aware that
the Lord will carry Elijah to another place.

The Saints will defy space and time to complete His work!

Just as Jesus walked through solid objects (the crowds) and on the water, these things and greater things will we do.

The Saints will walk on water and through solid objects when necessary.
(Also see  "21-Supernatural Events that will come upon the Church!" (on dreams page)

The very near future will be so dangerous that our only protection will come from the Holy Spirit.
The times of our own devices are nearly at an end!

If you run with the footman and find yourself weary, how can you contend with the horses?
Jeremiah 12:5


Steve Grable