“Unforgiveness and Bitterness”


“Judging Others”



These were actually two dreams that the Lord gave me years ago but we know that G-D’s principals never change. The second dream was specifically for me, as I was prone for many years to judge others. Even after I gave my heart to Jesus, that old sinful nature within me was and is still slowly dying and that ‘New Creature” the Lord has called out is coming forth with each passing day.



Unforgiveness and Bitterness

In this dream I was walking with (the young man explained in an earlier dream) The Holy Spirit.

We were approaching a good friend’s house that I loved and had watched him for years as he dealt with unforgiveness to anyone who disappointed them.


The Holy Spirit and I were approaching the house and were instinctively led to go around to the back door for I too had offended this person and again I stood in line to ask forgiveness as I had many times in the past.


We were immediately invited in through the back door (a servant’s entrance) and had a brief conversation for just a few minutes. He then had to attend to something briefly and asked both of us to step outside for just a minute and then he would let us back in to continue our conversation.


This man had become so unforgiving and viewed everyone as being untrustworthy and in his mind, he was concerned that if we remain in his house while he was busy, he might suffer some type of loss.


But I said to him no, we would leave now for we do not want him to be worried that we would take anything and that you would suffer any loss because of us.


As we were exiting from the back door, I saw two men in the back yard and they were digging a grave. And I saw their names, the one was named “Unforgiveness and the other was named Bitterness”.


These two demonic spirits were given a license to dig the owner’s grave there because of the unforgiveness and bitterness of the owner!


When unforgiveness prevails in the life of a person it becomes a type of god to them.

, it is rebellion towards G-D, a form of idolatry which is as witchcraft, saying to G-D,

I am equal to you as I do as I please.


Second, It stops the flow of G-D’s forgiveness back towards us and basically plugs all the spiritual lines between us and the Father.


Thirdly, It used as a weapon to do harm and injury to others thereby has an accusatory type of spirit attached to it. (Accuser of the brethren)


Lastly, It gives the owner a false sense of pride and arrogance, and in this way they justify their actions.


Simply said, whether you are a Christian, Jew, or any other faith or of no faith at all, your life will be devastated if you cling to these two spirits! For what ever a man sows that also will he reap and not just reap in the amount he sows but there is always a great increase (a harvest) in what we sow, the end result will be much worse than the initial investment.



Judging Others

The second dream was short and to the point!

I was guilty of judging others and the Lord was not going to allow me or any of His followers to walk in this fashion.


In the dream, I was standing before the Judge and to my right was seated a Jury. I was pleading my case before the Judge and the more intense and harder I tried to convince the Judge that I was right it seemed that He was totally impartial and was just observing both me, the courtroom and the Jury.


Then, I began to watch the Jury more closely and really began to watch their faces and all, every single Juror had a scowl on their face. It was as though each one had already made up his mind that I was guilty. How could this be for I knew that I was innocent of the charges.


And then I said, Judge, Lord, Please do not let them Judge Me!


And He said, “Then don’t you Judge them!  



That short little dream has changed my heart with regard to judging others. It is truly amazing how a little dream that is brought to us by the Holy Spirit can move us to an entirely different position and change our character and our lives.   


The Key to G-D’s Kingdom is to be Teachable!