“Civil War is Coming to America”
November 22, 2008


I had a dream November 4th the night of the general election I called “Two Elephants in the House”. Within a few days, the Lord corrected me on one point and expanded the interpretation and brought back impressions that I had during the dream.

About two weeks later, the Spirit also brought to me a Word He had given me on January 2006, called,
Who are we to divide “Your Land”?

It is not my intention to bring fear on anyone but simply speak what I believe that the Lord is showing me with regard to a Civil War breaking out in America. This grieves my spirit, I do not wish to see the hardship that is coming upon America, After sharing this dream, word and their connection at a local prayer group, I went back to my seat and could do nothing but weep before the Lord.

If this plays out the way I am understanding it from the Lord, there will be a Civil War in America!

America will be divided both individually and physically!
See below the five things the Lord will bring to America

Just a couple of weeks after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the Lord spoke to me about why it had happened. He later gave me a very direct word concerning the tearing away of the Jews from the Gaza, the Land was given over to the Palestinians, this was a direct result of America badgering Israel to giving up the Land.


Here is a copy of that word.

“Who are we to divide “Your Land”?
January 20, 2006

And I hear the Spirit saying,
Who are we to divide “Your Land” and to make Your people homeless?

Who are we to take what God has ordained and brought into union that
America attempts to separate and cause divorce His people from the Land?

Who are we to say to the Lord, Israel is not Yours and
Jerusalem is not Your resting place?

For I Am married to My people and I have joined My People to My Land.
And what I have joined together let no man put asunder
for these are Holy to the Lord, these are My Remnant!

And I will visit them once more and will reveal Myself to them, and in their distress,
they will cry out to Me and in their humility and remorse,
they will find the Holy One of Israel.

They will come to Me and I will fill them with My Spirit. And I will comfort,
provide and protect them with My hand, saith the Lord.

And they will Know Me whom they have not seen, for those who did see,
did not believe, but Now they will believe upon Me and
they will put their trust in Me for they will know that I AM their salvation!

And because America has concerned herself with what is Mine
and has been instrumental in dividing up My Land,
I will cause her land to be divided.

And because America has caused My people to be homeless,
I will cause her people to be homeless.

And because America has caused My people to be in need,
I will cause her people to be in need.

And because America has caused fear to come upon my people by their policies,
I will cause fear to come upon her people by My Name saith the Lord.

America, because you have dealt with My land and
My people with a heavy hand
so shall I deal with your land and your people with a heavy hand!

Steve Grable