“The Chamber of Change”
December 15, 2008


For some time now I have been asking the Holy Spirit to take me in to the secret place, a place where time would not be a factor, where fellowship would take place, His presence, His nature would be heavy upon me and I would be changed. Believing that every part of me that is not aligned with Him would be made right and that I would begin to know just some of His thoughts and have a greater understanding of His ways.

Even those times when we are closest to Him, those brief moments when we feel His Glory, still, we have not begun to scratch the surface of His eternal purposes. So many times we struggle for a glimpse of Him and if and when we finally do, we then run back to all of our distractions. “This is like telling the one you love the most, they are not enough!”

When two people love each other, there are those special moments when you say in your heart, this time is set aside just for us and you even feel an excitement and anticipation in your spirit longing for that moment to arrive.

Although I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit on Christmas morning in 1987, I had a dream about actually meeting a 12 year old boy and I had asked the Lord in the dream who is this young boy and He responded, “this is My Holy Spirit.”

This dream was given to me many years ago and can be read on Jeremiah111.org
Under the Dreams page. “A Meeting with the Holy Spirit”


“The Chamber of Change”

This morning, the Holy Spirit and I were walking down a dirt road.

(Many, if not always when seeing the Holy Spirit or the Lord, we think later, I should have been more observant, I should have taken a harder look, to make sure I did not miss anything. This is especially true when referring to the appearances of the Lord but my / man’s curiosity is still active in this regard.)

So I looked directly at the Holy Spirit and did not see specific features (which is normal) but I did see the 12 year old boy again, beautiful, Holy and Pure, so loving and meek, tender hearted, He is the very essence of God

The road was wide enough for a car, was winding around high cliffs to the left and a deep ravine to the right.

The Holy Spirit was on my left and I on His right. I had been asking Him to usher me in to “that Place” that beautiful, quiet, secret place.

We were approaching what appeared to be a dark cloud, the shape of a tornado that extended up 100 to 200 feet in to the air. It was situated on a large bend in the road. I could see the road behind the cloud, it took a sharp left turn and disappeared behind the tall cliffs.

The road which took a sharp left turn represents “a re-direction”
After we have encountered Him in the Cloud.

Many times in these, wither they be dreams or visions, I have an out of the body experience within the dreams and visions and I can see myself in relationship to everything around me.

Three different occasions I looked and saw myself with the Holy Spirit walking towards the large Cloud, the second time I watched us from a distance, I had taken His hand and we walked together my left hand in His right hand.

The third time we were standing right at the very edge of this funnel shaped cloud.

This is when I stuck my right hand in to the cloud and it disappeared.

Then I slowly shoved more of my right arm in to the cloud and as I did the arm also disappeared.

Cannot explain it any better than to say that as before in another dream, our flesh does not exist, only the spirit man.

There is an exchange of our substance, from tiny sound waves (flesh) in to spirit.)

I slowly began to enter the Cloud, at some point the Holy Spirit let go of my hand or I His, not sure but even though we had loosed our hands I continued to feel His presence.

After stepping in to the cloud, I could feel the wind within the cloud where I could not feel any disturbance outside of the cloud. I could also feel the movement, the acceleration, the centrifugal force to some degree, I felt my body tighten up a few times but was conscience of this and forced myself to relax.

I could feel the wind not just on my skin but permeating, going through my body, it felt so refreshing, like being cleansed through and through, that all parts of me were exposed to this wind.

Then I began to swirl around at first very slowly but then began to gain speed and found myself swirling within the cloud and at the same time slowly being elevated and rising higher in to the cloud.

At some point, I realized that there was a “beam of light” within the dark swirling windy tunnel. As I looked up, there were flashes of beautiful colors like you would see if you had different colors of stones and shone light through them creating very intense prisms, these flashes of colors were emanating along with what appeared lighting strikes all within and above where I was swirling. (felt my body shake several times)

(The “dark cloud” with the “beam of light” within it, could represent how the Lord hides myself from the normal traveler, for His sons and daughters, those who diligently seek Him, He is found oftentimes within the dark circumstances.)

As I arose higher in to the cloud, I came to a place where the upward motion stopped as I was near the top.

This is when I felt the impression to step out and in to the beam of light, which I did, again very slowly I again began to move within the beam.

Awesome peace, quiet, slowly swirling within the beam, weeping before Him, how wonderful is His presence.

The Lord said, “you can come here anytime”.
The invitation had been made, to come and fellowship with Him at anytime.

Side bar, Need to say here, I was up, dressed and fully awake and sitting on the sofa, had my ipod on and had began to read proverbs, when I closed my eyes and when I began to pray, the vision also began.

(I have a very good internal clock, even in the middle of the night when I had to get up for some reason, I would say it is about this time and usually am right.)

(When this vision took place, thought I had been there 30-45 minutes,

I looked at the clock and it had been nearly 2 hours.)
This was one of the things I believed, that time would not matter in His presence.

I went in to my bedroom and fell to my knees and again began to experience being in the upper chamber of the cloud and again within the beam of light.

This is when I heard Him say, “This is my chamber of change”.

I spoke to Him and said, “I have not come here for more of revelation or anything but I just want to fellowship with You.

And He said, “that is why I Am here also, to fellowship with you, to touch My creation”.

I felt His great love and again wept as I had perhaps a half dozen times during the vision.

Then He brought to my mind the story of Jacob found in Genesis 32. Jacob was returning to the land of his family with his two wives, his 11 sons, his servants and flocks, back to the land he had fled from his brother Esau.

It is here, just a day away from his destiny, Jacob had sent all his family, servants and flocks ahead and he was left alone. And it was here that the Lord came upon Jacob.

Does anyone really believe that the Lord could not prevail with Jacob?

The Lord was saying to me that He, the Lord loved Jacob and had arranged to distance all that Jacob loved which was a distraction to him, that the Lord gave the idea to Jacob to send them on ahead.

In this way, the Lord and He alone, would have Jacobs full attention.

The Lord was saying,

I loved Jacob so much that I greatly desired to fellowship with him,

And as his Father, I chose to wrestle with him just as a father would wrestle with his son, to have fun, exchange all that we are, to encourage him, to make him to Know that I loved him……

and to “Enjoy him”and that is why I touched him,
to make sure that Jacob would “never forget”
our time of sweet fellowship and My love that I poured out on him,
that night in that secret place!


This same message is for many of you!

This is why you have been separated from so many things that have distracted you, that have won your attention, that has garnered your favor and found your love, BUT now, I have sent ahead of you, all those things.

Those whom you love and all that you have placed faith in BUT now, I have set you aside,

“that I may Enjoy you,”

”To change you, to re-direct your comings and your goings. To truly bless you and to give you favor that your callings will have their full impact on the Kingdom.

I, the Lord, have that same longing to fellowship with you,
to wrestle with you, to be a Father to you, to touch My creation and
to Enjoy you
and for you to Enjoy Me.


Steve Grable