“He Is, The Very Heart Of God”


Whereas, My Son Yeshua, whom you call Jesus came as “My Word”, now know “My Heart”, though He will not speak of Himself, it is Him who will enable you to hear what I AM saying.

Many of My people who are called by My name continue to blaspheme My Holy Spirit, and the day will soon come, and you will call out to Me but there will be silence, saith the Lord,

For it is not by My might nor by My power but by My Spirit,
saith the Lord.

For He is the very “Heart” and emotions of God!

Do not hinder the work He is doing within you,

He is as a “twelve” year old boy, going about
establishing the “Government of God”
on earth as it is in Heaven.

Though He is a part of the Trinity, yet is He sweet and gentle hearted
and slow to wrath and quick to teach, learn from Him,

allow Him to change you and bring you in to completion.
Yield to Him, My people, thus saith the Lord.

Steve Grable