“A Word Concerning
Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu”

It is my belief that the following word from the Scriptures applies to
The Prime Minister


Jeremiah 30:18-22

With emphasis on verse 21


Thus says Adonai:

“I will return Ya’akov’s (Jacob or Israel’s) captives to their tents;

I will take pity on his dwellings.

Cities will be rebuilt on their own tells,

with palaces where they’re supposed to be.

From them will come thanksgiving

and the sound of the people celebrating.

I will increase them; they will not be decreased;

I will honor them; they will not be despised.

Their children will be as they used to be,

Their community confirmed in my presence;

And I will punish everyone who oppresses them.




This is the verse that pertains to the Prime Minister

Verse 21

Their leader will be one of their own,

Their ruler will come from among them.

I will cause him to come close

And let him approach me;

for, otherwise, who would guarantee his heart

enough to approach me?” says Adonai.


verse 22

“You will be my people,

And I will be your God.”

Scriptures from the complete Jewish Bible


Steve Grable