Why Would God Choose Me?

To be a Servant of Course!


Why would G-d choose me or you or any of us for any position within His kingdom?
It is my belief that the answer is so simple that we miss it!

“In a Word it is, Love!”

When God loves there is nothing He will not do for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.
And He is longsuffering toward others who walk in their own ways and rebel against Him, He patiently waits for them to accept and serve Him!

There is a partnership formed by God our Father with His creation, man. Although God can do all things He gave special commands to man so that he would fulfill his part of the covenant and the Father would complete His side of the covenant!

Whereby a legal document is created out of distrust of the other partner in the relationship,

“Covenant is based upon Love for the other partner in the relationship!”

Years ago, I worked for a large company as the operations manager. I had been transferred from a city 50 miles away and was sent there to open a new facility. The 15-20 salesmen who were covering that area previously had been independently set up in what was essentially several small individual rented warehouses. These salesmen had the ability to come and go as they pleased with no time restraints as to how they conducted their sales routes.

When the new facility finally opened, there were several adjustments to new schedules and methods of operations. For all of these men and women the actual workload would be less than they had been accustomed but still it was a change, and we seldom like change even when it is to our benefit!

There were three men who despised the new methods and me and at first made it quite clear that they did not approve. Later they seemed to be going along with the new procedures but behind the scenes, they secretly attempted to undermine my authority by spreading lies and creating confusion among the other employees.

Finally one day, I walked into the men’s room and discovered that someone had gone to the bathroom on the walls and created a huge mess. I knew the three men who were responsible. They had been doing all they could to spread discord and that had not worked so now they had resorted to this!

They knew I was a Christian and also one of the three had also claimed to be a believer, but it was obvious that his confession and his actions were not in alignment.

When I walked in and observed that mess, I must confess my first instinct was to get angry and I quickly rehearsed in my mind what I would do to extract revenge. However a short time later, I found myself cleaning up the bathroom and as I was cleaning, I began praying for these men. I prayed especially for the leader who professed to be a Christian.

I said something to this affect,
Lord, “more than my vengeance I want these men to
truly love and serve You all the days of their lives.”


The theme here is “How do you view yourself?
Does love for God and others motivate you?

Do you view yourself as a servant?

While I know what it is like to clean up after someone else’s mess and I am sure, that you the reader have also had to deal with the aftermath of the actions of others, the destruction left behind by family, friend or co-worker.

But stop and think for a moment, how many messes have you & I made in our lives? And someone had to face a situation that we created, that we caused and left for someone else to fix, to repair, to clean up?

Yet He who loves us and desires our very best, desperately wants to aid to us in changing our attitudes toward Him and those around us to be the “Servant” in the situation, to speak truth in love and be the one, “who gives back that which he took not.”

Man’s intellect says to promote yourself, do not bother with the menial unimportant things, let someone else deal with those while you pursue the higher things. If you take no concern for yourself, no one else will either. These are the thoughts and beliefs of a selfish world.

Why would God choose me?

To be a servant to others with the same type of Love that God has for us!

Because Jesus came not as King but as a servant!

“Greater Love has no man than he lay down his life for his friend.”

As a servant, that is exactly what we are doing! We are laying down our lives one-day at a time, in the everyday mundane happening, every time you elevate another above yourself, every act of unselfishness is an act of God loving someone through you. We long that He the God of Heaven and earth will manifest Himself in us.

Until we are prepared to be that “Servant” with an unselfish love, to do it joyfully,

pray for those who persecute us and to be that light and salt that the Lord commanded

us to be…

Until we learn how to become a servant, we will never truly understand the love of God.

Steve Grable