I heard the Lord say,

“I won’t drop you either



I was in my printing shop and was busy about 50 feet away from our front desk. My employee Kathy was serving a tall young man in his early 30’s who had his 2-3 year old son with him. You could tell as soon as they walked in that this was one of those trips that dad and son were just out running errands and enjoying their day together.

While Kathy made copies for this young father, he sat in one of our customer barstools, which was quite high up off the floor. Meanwhile this little guy was curling up in daddy’s arms and playfully crawled up and down in his father’s arms and lap. It was more than obvious that this young dad and his son had a great relationship, they were both beaming with the focus being on each other.

From my position, I would occasionally look up and observed them for about 10-15 minutes.

And then I heard the Lord speak to me saying:

“Look at the face of that little boy; he is really enjoying his dad.
Even though his father is sitting high up and if that little boy were to fall from that height he would suffer injury,
But look at him, he is not the least bit concerned that his daddy will drop him,
And neither should you be, because I won’t drop you either!”

You see I had been going through difficult times; my prior business building was in a shopping center that was burned almost to the ground. About a month after the fire, my father passed away at the hospital just a few miles away and I was also dealing with health and family issues as well.

The enemy had come in like a flood and much of the time I felt overwhelmed.

I was so busy trying to reestablish the new business location, secure leases, and find new equipment that there was little time to grieve for my father. Prayer was still on my lips but my heart felt empty and my life seemed to be breaking in several pieces.

But when I heard the Lord say, that this little boy was not the least bit concerned of his daddy dropping him and neither should I be, it caused my heart, my mind and my spirit to bow to the Heavenly Father who vows never to leave us or forsake us and never to drop us!

Steve Grable