“Perfect Eggs”


We are never failures if we allow Him access in to our lives. By that I mean to say that as a result of receiving Jesus in to our lives we do not need to fear failure. Yes, there will be days when we are less successful than others but when we abide within Christ,

we are more than Conquerors through Him who loved us!

Below is an illustration that captures the very essence of the way we live our lives, some to failure and others to success but many times while the world is saying success it is not necessarily so…..

Once there was a man who lived and he had but one job in his entire life and that was:

To Fry Perfect Eggs!

Sounds simple enough, each day he would begin his job of frying perfect eggs.

To start, he would gently but firmly tap the egg to break the shell,

Then he would allow the egg to fall into the pan without breaking the yoke

Next he would slide the spatula under the egg and very carefully flip the egg

again without breaking the yoke.

He was very proficient at his job for it was the summary of his life!

So every day break the shell, let the egg fall gently into the pan,

“Don’t break the yoke”

Flip the egg carefully and

Don’t break the yoke!

On and on this went, 2 days, 30 days, All was successful, day after day

Success, Success, Success until suddenly one day…

“The yoke broke”
Failure! He said, Failure!

Then other days Success and other days, Failure!

Years go by and this same man meets Jesus!

Everything is new and different, even his job comes alive to him.

Now the job is not just more enjoyable to him but he seems to

Be more successful.

More days pass and with each day he completes his job of making

“Perfect Eggs” and not breaking the yoke!

Day 30, day 200, a milestone, never had he made perfect eggs

For so many days and at the end of each day, the man said

Success, success, success!

Then one day going for another perfect day of making

Perfect eggs without breaking the yoke,

Suddenly the yoke broke.

In the man’s heart, all he could say was…

“Failure, Failure!”

But then Jesus stepped in to the man’s heart and said,

No, not failure, because we did this together.

“You see, I am the one who broke the yoke!”


And so it is with our lives, so many times we appear to be successful to all those around us.

The perception is that we may well have it all by the world’s measuring stick however even our greatest successes without Him are failures in His sight!

When we attach ourselves to the purposes of God, we then become immune to failure!


And yes, many times He will break the yoke in our lives but that’s OK, just as long as we yield to Him!
These fragile lives that we have are only for a brief moment of eternity, What then?

The saying, “Is that all there is?” Has never been truer!

If we live for the moment, that is all we will have, the moment!

But if we live for Christ and the purposes of our heavenly Father, we realize that He has a plan and destiny for our lives and we will have an eternity with Him.

Steve Grable