“The Beginning of the Age of the Spirit”
is upon us!




Have you sensed in the spirit that something is different?

Does your spirit tingle with excitement and expectation?

More inclined to pray, to read your Bible?

Are you displaying your faith more openly?

Has your heart become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit?

Do you find tears in your eyes when you are with Him?
A longing to see the Kingdom of Heaven invade and become reality on earth?

If you have answered the above question with yes, then you are in the company of many of the Saints!
Ones who know that He (Jesus) is not just at the door, He is opening the door and will usher in major events that will change the fabric and the texture of America. We will Never be the same!

For years, we have seen this movement and that ministry explode with wonderful new revelations, many of which were being held back by the Spirit for the later time. Great men and women of God were used to bring a word or concept to enable the “true Church” to find her path back to her roots.

These roots of the early Church were lost due to man’s intervention. Both Jews and Gentiles that comprised the early Church displayed a simple faith with the power of the Holy Spirit and lived their lives accordingly.

Put quite simply, they were doing the works of Jesus!
They had all things in common, meaning they shared what they had with the household of faith, and as a result, no one had lack. And many were added to the faith each day.

What is about to come upon America will cause a fear for survival to be engaged. Fear will rule the day for many, they will take from those who have and feel little or no remorse.

Fear will drive those who would never lift a hand against his neighbor to commit extreme actions that they thought themselves incapable of doing, all for the sake of survival.

When times are prosperous and there is an obvious breakdown in righteousness, surely, when the times of depression and want and starvation come, it will dictate mob rule and a collapse of morality.

“If the walkman wearies you, how will you contend with the horses?”

“But when the enemy comes in like a flood,

Then the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”
The sorrow, pain and loss will be significant and will bring many to the end of themselves. When all this begins, His Glory will come and His Standard will be lifted up, that Standard is Jesus, our advocate of mercy and eternal hope.

Many years ago, I heard the Spirit say, “the number 120 had great

significance, it signified:
“The end of the age of the flesh
and the beginning of the age of the Spirit.”



“The Beginning of the Age of the Spirit”
is upon us!

Those who love the Lord and have given their lives to Him and have been through the Fire of cleansing will be used mightily. Still others, who have sat quietly, will be swept up in this awesome time and will become alive in the Spirit and will mature more in a matter of a few months than they had in their entire Christian walk.

The Lord will be commanding His armies through the orchestration of the Holy Spirit. Our western culture of belief in ourselves will have taken a backseat to the supernatural events, abilities and methods of God.

The Lord will become the topic in homes, Wal-Mart, and malls. Every place where people will come together, it will be Jesus and the great miracles that are taking place. He will be the topic of choice! He will be what people will be searching for, the peace that passes all understanding.

Nothing will appease their thirst for truth or their desire to Know Him and they will find Him!

And they will find Him in you and I. Healings will not be here and there but blankets of healing will fall! Hospitals will lose patients; God’s health care system will be activated!

Those who have lost limbs through accidents, diabetes or wars will have the privilege of seeing and experiencing the restoration of these limbs. Down syndrome, those with birth defects, paraplegics, quadriplegics, those with mental disabilities, those with chronic illnesses and diseases will know the healing power of the Blood of Jesus!

And yes, the blind will see (both in the natural and the spiritual)

The deaf will hear (again in the natural and the spiritual)
and the dead will be raised, all to the Glory of God!

Do not suppress that gifting within you!

Use the gift that the Holy Spirit has deposited in you!


Step out in your calling, the time for timidity has ceased, stir up your gift!
Walk in the peace of His presence, incline your ear to the Spirit, what is He saying to you?

I assure you, He is speaking!

All type of supernatural activities are beginning to abound!

Recognize that the same Spirit that is in Christ Jesus is also in YOU!

These were given to me in early 2008, there are biblical examples for each.

1. Believers will walk in wholeness and holiness

2. The reaper will overtake the sower, salvations will come quickly

3. Food will be multiplied

4. Water will come from strange sources

5. Money will be supplied supernaturally

6. God’s servants will be transported to and from areas of ministry

7. Holy Spirit’s protection of the Believers from our enemies

8. Believers will be led to safety by angels

9. The eyes of our enemies will be blinded while the blind are being healed

10. Time will stand still for the purposes of the Holy Spirit

11. The giftings will be in full operation

12. Visions, Dreams, Prophetic words will abound

13. Believers will be healing the sick and raising the dead

14. We will see demonic activity and pray and cast them out!

15. Encounters with Angels will become almost common place

16. The Glory that was on Moses will at times be on His ministering servants

17. This same Glory will be present on the Saints as they are being martyred

18. The True Body of Messiah will move in perfect orchestration of the Holy Spirit

19. We will walk on water and through solid objects when necessary

20. New Believers will mature quickly and begin to minister to others

21. Jew and Gentile will become the One New Man

Expectation is filling our spirits because the time of Harvest is about to fall upon the Church. The Church is being shaken awake, she is being warned of judgment on the land and is being prepared for the greatest move of God this world has ever experienced!
“Position yourself for His Glory!”

Steve Grable