“One Step Towards Unity”
March 2010


For many years the Holy Spirit has been revealing to me as well as others the importance
of reconciliation of the Jew and Gentle. “The One New Man” Eph 2:15


there is even a division between Body of Messiah, that being the Church and
the Messianic (saved Jews and or Gentiles who love the Hebraic Roots)



Although these two entities are “Brothers in the Faith”,
There should be no separation
For we are One in Messiah, Jesus!


How can we provoke the (unsaved) Jews to jealousy
when Unity does not exist within the Body of Messiah?


For most of my life I have pursued the Church and her teachings, Learning the Word of God, Salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the operation of the gifts etc. This was necessary and had been and continues to be a wonderful journey. During much of this same period of time, like so many others I have also been seeking that Jewish connection, knowing that there is far more we have been called but are missing.

Addressing the Church, do you not know that ALL believers who go to Heaven, will be Celebrating both the Passover and also the Feast of Tabernacles, these two Feasts will be celebrated for all eternity. All the Patriarchs, Prophets, the lineage of Jesus, all the Apostles were all Jewish. The Lord declared that Israel was His and Jerusalem is His footstool. (His place of Rest)

After the final Judgment, there will come down from Heaven, A new Jerusalem where the Saints will dwell with Jesus, and He will sit on His throne and rule from Jerusalem with a rod of iron. How is it that the Church continues to deny the importance of our Jewishness that is the early church and ignore all of the their great successes.

My involvement with the “Jewish Roots” movement these last 25 years have given me some observations in this area. It is my strong belief the Lord is about to bring this issue of non-recognition to the forefront. In other words, the Church who has displayed very little respect for the Jewish roots and the Messianic has little or no regard for the Holy Spirit. It is indeed a rare event when you hear a prophetic word come forth in a Messianic Synagogue. Likewise, it is almost unheard of in the Church (even if they do embrace the roots) to celebrate the Shabbat or the Feasts.

My experience has been that the “True” Church has embraced the Holy Spirit without embracing her Roots. On the other hand, we have Messianic Fellowships that have grabbed hold of the Roots but have forfeited the Holy Spirit.

Am sure many Messianics will disagree with this but my experience has been almost the non-existence of the Holy Spirit power within the traditional services I have attended, Where are the operation of the Gifts? Where is the power in either of these two?

There seems to be a spiritual blindness and or would also say almost an arrogance in the need for each other. The Church says she has no need for the Roots (Jesus only) even though the Word says, we have been engrafted. AND, the Messianic seems to think that through the Torah/Tanach, they have found all that is necessary.

Events are quickly aligning that will prepare hearts of both the Church and the Messianic. Until now, there has been a deep schism or division in the Church from our Messianic brothers, however that is about to change. Please understand, I am not suggesting or advocating that the Church or the Messianic compromise what they now employ. But simply to incorporate the Hebraic Roots in to the Church and the Messianic to begin to emphasize the giftings of the Spirit, the prophetic, messages in tongues, healings and deliverances.

Do we want “true” Kingdom authority on earth as it is in Heaven or are we just vocalizing some abstract vision of no purpose.

Are we so confined by our pride and so restrained by our “religious spirits” that our tradition has become the chains that take us captive. Why are we no longer yielded to the Spirit of God? How will we answer for knowing the Word and what is right and yet not being a doer, where there is revelation there also comes responsibility.

Have heard believers say, “we want the fullness of the Spirit yet when He attempts to come in that Fullness, we say no, that is for the Jews not Christians or we say all we want or need is Jesus and yet we deny who Jesus is.

We in effect say, we receive your gift but not who you are!

I dare say, that until both sides come to the revelation of reconciliation,
neither will be effective, we need each other!

In order to operate in the “Fullness” of the Unction of the Holy Spirit, there has to be a place to plug in (if you will) that being the Roots, we are engrafted. And the current which is the electricity (the Holy Spirit) comes through that place of being engrafted. Thus Holy Spirit power for gentile believers because we have been engrafted, adopted into the family. We must keep in mind this was the early Church, the one who waited in the upper room for the Holy Spirit to fall (The Promise of the Father) and then the believers became endued with power from on high.

I have heard pastors who have understanding for the love for the Jewish roots say to people who had left their congregations in search of a Messianic fellowship, “you will be back”! AND, unfortunately they are right, many people will come back to the Churches because to a great degree, there is a drought of the Holy Spirit. Yet, in the overall church, there is a total disconnection to anything that speaks of Hebraic roots.

I have gone to Messianic Rabbis and Teachers and have found nothing but a disdain in even talking about the separation. Not only do they dismiss the idea but they also refute the idea that the Holy Spirit is Not evident in their meetings. Perhaps, there is a concern that they will lose someone back to a church. When I have spoken to the Pastors, they either have a Replacement Theology OR again they rule out the Jewishness being incorporated in to their meetings.

Only the Spirit of the Lord will be able to bridge this gap! Nothing man can say or do will bring these two entities together except a sovereign move of God, however this is about to take place. These two will come into unity and be in place in order to be that sign to the (unsaved) Jew first and also to the Gentile.

One thing is certain, the Holy Spirit will accomplish all the Father has ordained from before the beginning of time.

We will be brought in under the Lordship of Jesus,
Our “spiritual ideologies” are about to be challenged and transformed,
The true church will become a Bride, pure and spotless and without wrinkle.

We will either yield to Him or have whatever authority we hold revoked
and we will find ourselves on the outside looking in!

Prepare to be changed!

Steve Grable