“Playing Games with the Holy Spirit”

“Examples of how to exercise your hearing”


While I know the title may sound blasphemous I assure you the intent is not. My respect for the Holy Spirit has grown exponentially over the years, I have found Him more and more necessary and more reliable than any of us could possibly think or imagine.

I first met Him in a dream that took place in my living room of all places. I titled the dream,
“A Meeting with the Holy Spirit.”


“A Meeting with the Holy Spirit”

There is a beautiful cherry wall unit that was in my home for about twenty years. I have always liked the solid look and feel of that type of wood. There were books, tapes, CDs’, family photos etc and it has always held a prominent position in the living room.

In this dream, I was late arriving home and there were three personal friends who I viewed as close spiritual brothers. These three men were busy adjusting the items on the wall unit. As I walked into my living room, they asked me why I was late.

And as I looked back behind me I saw the front part of the church I had been attending and I said,

“I have been teaching about the Holy Spirit”.
When I said this I looked over to my left and standing there was a beautiful young
small boy about 12 years old
and I asked the Lord, who is this?

And the Lord said, “This is My Holy Spirit”.


This young man, this twelve year old boy accompanied me on several occasions since that initial dream. If we were walking to or from somewhere, He is always with me; He is on my left and I on His right. Whenever we are in the presence of others, He is always over to one side observing the interaction of all in the dream.

I believe that the Lord was showing me how truly sweet and precious the Holy Spirit and how needful we are of Him. Without ever realizing the “Awesome Blessing” He is to the believer. He is quietly behind the scenes instructing those who are His, leading us through all of life’s issues if we only allow Him. He loves so much and it is His desire and pleasure to guide us in all wisdom, to help us to mature and to fulfill our destiny and all our purposes in Christ Jesus. He enables us with His mighty strength and sustains us in the difficult periods. He freely gives us incredible revelation into the Scriptures and why not?
Because it was He who inspired every word that is written in our Bible!

Although He has all power and might and is a part of the God head of the Trinity, amongst His believers, He is tender hearted, loving and will not push Himself upon us. He is constantly looking out for our very best interests and He is always with us. And……We have the good pleasure to cooperate in this process simply by yielding to Him!

Playing Games with the Holy Spirit

You see for ever since He came to me on Christmas morning 1987 through “the Baptism of the Holy Spirit”, I began trying Him, testing Him. I was constantly asking Him to remind me of things to do, people’s names, How to do things that were out of my realm of expertise.

It began one day when I was in the shower, and since then I have the most “anointed bathroom” of anyone I know.

I began to ask the Holy Spirit to remind me of things. I needed to buy soap or shampoo or I needed to make a phone call or anything I had a thought of that required my attention and I could not do it at that moment or could not write it down. I would ask Him to remind me, simple huh? Some would almost say ridiculous OR why would you even bother the Holy Spirit with such mundane requests.

I will tell you why…
As a baby, we learned to crawl before we walked and we learned to walk before we ran!

How will you contend with future events?
How will you fare with the lack of every provision?

Whom will you seek for wisdom and direction?

How will you react to the losing of your civil rights?

When anarchy begins and martial law declared, what will you do?

How will you deal with the persecution that is to come?

Who will be your protector?

How do we truly expect to hear the Holy Spirit speaking in the midst of the battle, if we have not learned to hear the seemingly small trivial things Now?

How will you hear His voice in the very near future when your life and the lives of those around you will require you to hear His words accurately? Or how will you procure His provision when your emotions are screaming?

How will you secure the Shalom that passes all understanding when calamity and chaos threaten to devour you?

It will be the calming Voice of the Holy Spirit!
and if you have exercised your spirit and mind to commune with Him,
you will find every provision of Christ Jesus.

When I had my printing businesses, there was a very large camera for the printing press. It was a monster of a machine and just the day to day use of the machine required several adjustments be made.

However, hidden in the back of the camera, when opened up, revealed another 50-100 additional adjustments that were far above my level of competence.

A problem developed causing the film to roll back whenever I attempted to shoot a plate thus causing the alignment to be off for the next several plates. This film was costly and to call a tech to come in and troubleshoot was very expensive.

Finally one day I opened the back of the machine and asked the Holy Spirit what should I do, what adjustment should I make?

He answered and said, “turn that screw ½ turn.”

From that day forward the camera worked perfectly!

I can tell you nearly countless stories of even more dramatic accounts where the Holy Spirit has done absolutely miraculous things.

I love telling these stories because I love bragging on how the Holy Spirit
has helped me in a multitude of scenarios and have enjoyed the faithful and constant companion. We have been playing “our learning game” for so long that we have and are developing a more intimate relationship.

I have had many dreams and a few visions of actually walking with Him, even holding His hand while walking down a dirt road. He was and is that same 12 year old boy I met in my living room years ago.

When I was in sales, I was dealing with chronic fatigue and Epstein bar virus and also heart issues. I was extremely beat up physically and mentally. I was in the technical field of sales, PCs, networks and software. I tried not to be obvious with my memory issues to my employers.

I would be preparing to walk in to an office and would rely on the Holy Spirit for the names of all those who I had dealings. Although I did have a PDA,
with info on key people but would also because of the Holy Spirit be able to remember the names of those who I had only heard only once or twice, sometimes a year or more prior. I remembered them because I would ask the Holy Spirit to help me, it was that simple.

I believe the Holy Spirit is leading me to share “Our learning game” with you!

These exercises will enable all of us to hear His voice more clearly.

1. Since God is no respecter of persons, I am sure your bathroom is as anointed as mine! When we are not overwhelmed with the “stuff” of life our spirits are quieter and we receive more easily. Begin to talk with Him when taking a shower or bath. Ask Him to remind to buy a certain item or to make a necessary phone call or write a letter.

2. You will have digital clocks in your bedroom, kitchen, car or work, before you look at the clock; ask the Holy Spirit what is the time, then look. You will be surprised, as time (no pun intended) goes by your spiritual ears will acquire greater sensitivity.

3. Have you lost or misplaced something? Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to it. Once I was talking with a friend on the phone and they were looking for tickets to an event to tell me the time the event began and could not find the tickets. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “tell them to look in their address book.” I was young at this game and did Not listen. Within a few days the person called and told me they had found the tickets “in their address book.” Scratch one up for my spirituality but I learned from that experience. From now on I actually try to LISTEN!

4. When you are reading any book and especially your Bible, ask the Holy Spirit to open up the deeper meaning of that passage, you will be amazed! Once I was reading and came to a Scripture that begins, “Where no oxen are the crib is clean but much increase comes with the strength of the oxen.” I asked the Holy Spirit to give me a more clear meaning and He blew my sox off! You can read it at: http://jeremiah111.org/teachings/where_no_oxen_are.htm

5. The next time you are trying to do a task that you may be dreading, ask Him for Joy when you do it.
Ask Him to give you a better way to do it or perhaps He will change your attitude.

6. Before you begin a project that you may not be familiar but you have decided it has to be done. Maybe it is a technical issue with your PC or a home project or a mechanical issue with a vehicle, Ask Him to help you, I promise you, He will!

7. Perhaps you are not good at remembering the name of someone you had previously met, ask Him, He has been of an immeasurable assistance to me in reminding me of events, people’s names and procedures.

As with all gifts from the Lord we receive, almost always, just knowing we have “touched our God” means more than the actual gift itself. While we have asked and heard the Holy Spirit respond to our need it is by far of greater value than the actual gift coming from that help.

With just a little ingenuity, you too can find countless ways of learning through these exercises. At first you may not see any great measure of “Higher” communication but I promise you as you continue this playful way of learning, you will see great things evolve!


Learn to play the game with Him;
He will become closer than the air you breathe.

“Not by might nor by power

But by My Spirit says the Lord”

Blessings to you and your house,


Steve Grable