“The Timing of the Great Flood”
July 5, 2010


It all began about twenty years ago when I heard the Spirit speak and say the following, “The number 120 has great significance, it signifies the end of the age of the Flesh and the beginning of the age of the Spirit.”

The “Proof” of this word can be read at the following link,


This short word has guided me on many studies over the years.

At one time I was certain I had read and thought it could have been a passage from the New Testament retelling Noah’s story and thought I had read that it took Noah and family 120 years to build the ark.

Today I have found this is not true!
In Gen 5:32, we read that Noah was 500 years old when he fathered Shem, Ham and Yefet (Japheth).

Then we read in Gen 7:6 Noah was exactly 600 years old when the flood began. Keep in mind that these three sons were adults and had wives. So most likely Noah was about 525 + years old before Noah was given the command to build the Ark. Then they entered when Noah was 600 yrs old, so the actual building of the Ark took (depending upon when the command was given) but up to seventy-five years to build.

But then another question came to mind,
how many years was it from the creation of Adam to the time of the “Great Flood?”

Scientific dating methods are varied and at best unreliable. However I will simply state that whenever you begin your journey with wrong assumptions you will most certainly arrive at the wrong conclusions.

In addition, I am not taking in to account the Jewish calendar because of the complexity of using three astronomical phenomena (the rotation of the earth for days, the tilt of the earth on it’s axis for seasons), the moon (for month) and the sun (the year) to arrive at it’s dates. These three criteria are independent of each other. This explains why the Feast days vary from year to year.

This may seem like an insurmountable task but in reality, is quite simple. In Gen 5, we read the Lineage of Noah and how many years they lived AND how many years they lived before Fathering their son that is mentioned in the lineage next in line.

That is the Key, Not how old each man lived!

Rather we are to follow how long each man actually lived before the birth of the next of mentioned name. If we follow this pattern, we will easily arrive at how many years ago the Great Flood took place.

There are a total of ten men who comprise the linage which includes Noah.

They are:

1. Adam, (lived 130 yrs and Seth was born) (total 930 yrs)

2. Seth, (lived 105 yrs and Enosh was born) (total 912 yrs)

3. Enoch, (lived 90 yrs and Cainan was born) (total 905 yrs)

4. Cainan, (lived 70 yrs and Mahalalel was born) (total 910 yrs)

5. Mahalalel, (lived 65 yrs and Jared was born) (total 895 yrs)

6. Jared, (lived 162 yrs and Enoch was born) (total 962 yrs)

7. Enoch, (lived 65 yrs and Methuselah was born) (total 365 yrs)

8. Methuselah, (lived 187 yrs and Lamech was born(total 969 yrs)

9. Lamech, (lived 182 yrs and Noah was born) (total 777 yrs)

10. Noah was exactly 600 years old (according to Gen 7:6) when the Flood waters were upon the earth.
(Noah’s total 950 yrs)

The Grand total is 1,656 years

This 1,656 years represent the total years from Adam to the time Noah entered the ark.
Only caveat, with Noah, (since his he was 600 years old when he went in to the ark, then we count the full 600 years in addition to the above numbers which are highlighted.

We can also assume that Adam was still alive (since he lived 930 yrs, Gen 5:5) So Adam was still living and knew not only his son but his grandsons to the seventh generation.
Seth, Enoch and all the way down to the birth of Lamech, Adam’s great (7 times) grandson!

So another proof that the biblical years are true is to look at Lamech who live a total of 777 years. But keep in mind he used 182 of those years before Noah was born. Then Noah was 600 yrs old when he entered the Ark. By then even Lamech had passed away. Of course the numbers run true for Methuselah as well, he too had passed before the Great Flood.

According to Biblical historians and our understanding, the Lord’s creation
has been in existence for approximately 6,000 years.

For ease of understanding the timing of our spiritual history, it is said,
It was 2,000 years from the beginning of Adam to that of Abraham.

It was also 2,000 years from Abraham to the birth of Jesus.

It has been just over 2,000 years from Jesus to our present day.

Again, The Grand total is 1,656 years

Our actual year is 2010 at this writing


The Jewish year of 5770 is incorrect
(there are apologetics for these missing years)

Again Biblical scholars estimate the creation at 6,000 years.

4,000 prior years of BC and 2010 AD = 6010 years.

When we deduct these two numbers,
6,010 years – 1,656 = 4,354

We arrive at 4,354 years ago

that the Great Flood would have taken place.

when we are dealing with BC numbers we start at the highest number (4000BC)
and count backwards, from 4000BC to 1BC

4,000BC minus 1656 equals 2,344BC

The Great Flood would have occurred around the year 2344BC


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable