“Homecoming of the Saints”

This was a dream from many years ago, 
hope it blesses you.

The Saints, hundreds and thousands of thousands, all walking abreast to the right and to the left as far as the eyes could see. The same as to the depth of them.

All with newly glorified bodies, long white robes, our waists were girded with sashes. Golden rings were on our left hands because of our marriage to the Lamb.

Each Saint, walking in victory and power, each face and heart filled with character as deep as the depth of their soul. Their faces uplifted and shinning like unto the stars of Heaven and yes, even as unto the Son of the Living God.

The angels of the Most High, being too numerous to count were sounding the trumpets, declaring “The Last Great Year of Jubilee” to all who would hear. The year of coming out of the earthly bondage, everybody made new, every heart healed and every tear wiped away.

Our hearts joyously overcome with emotion by the Glory before us. Our senses being elevated far beyond anything we had previously experienced. The release of love, totally unbounded, an awesome power, joy unspeakable and full of Glory and Grace upon Grace. How merciful are you Oh Lord!

Many were dancing, others were clapping their hands, some were joyfully skipping as when they were little children, multitudes with uplifted hands, many marched in disciplined ranks for they had been “Great Warriors” of the King, but we all sang a new song. Oh, to be numbered among the people whom you have chosen, I thought.

All of us following after “The Great Gift of God” our sweet and patient teacher, the loving guide, The one called alongside to assist us in overcoming the enemies of our God.

The Holy Spirit was quickening His pace now as we were approaching the “Great City.” The City not made with the hands of men, but by the hand of God.

Directly ahead, standing by the “Gate of Life” our King, JESUS,

The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, The Prince of Peace and the Lion of Judah, the bright & morning Star and by whose unconditional love for us; we stand in righteousness before all the inhabitants of the Kingdom of our Glorious God.

And we looked just beyond the “Gate of Life” and behold The Father of Lights, lifting His robe just above His ankles, came running from His throne room down the steps, out of the Great Hall, running to fall upon His children, that He so long desired to have with Him and His Son.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb was now in preparation, but the overflowing joy and love and fellowshipping taking place, at this homecoming of the saints of God would surely last for a piece of eternity.

Steve Grable