“Seven Benefits of Praying in Tongues”
1.  You will be as close to Heaven as possible all the while you are still on this earth.
2.  Your boldness in the Lord will be magnified above and beyond your own self. Even if you tend to be on the more shy side, when you begin to minister, you will be a very different person, one of great conviction.
3.  Your ability to read and have a much greater understanding of the Word of God will be most obvious to you and those around you. The eyes of your understanding will be opened! You will have the ability to explain the Scriptures in a clear and concise manner to others.
4.  You will begin to see things in your life that defy your own natural abilities.
5.  When you pray in the spirit, the Spirit will go before you and you will see the favor of God like never before. Doors will open for you!
6.  You will begin to see new and creative ways of ministering to others and they will respond to you!
7.  And it will be your obvious love for them that will win them.