“Dancing Clouds of Glory”
A word

April 16th, 2020


Dancing Clouds of Glory is the only way I can describe what I experienced today during worship.

Had been playing worship music all morning and just talking to the Lord and visiting with Him in our wonderful meeting place by the sea up on our rock.

I am extremely grateful to Him for all He has done in my life. Expressing my love to Him and all honor due Him, asking Him to cleanse my life and make me useable for the days ahead. Trying to come into that place of quietness before Him, 


Dancing Clouds of Glory

During worship, while sitting in my chair, I had my hands raised and eyes closed and I began seeing “clouds” coming towards me.

As these clouds began to come at me, it took me a moment to realize what I was seeing. They felt like a pulsating glory enveloping me. And just as each cloud was about to touch me, it transformed from a shapeless cloud into a circle and it would enclose around me.

Time and time again, each cloud would come and then open into a circle and envelope me. This happened maybe a dozen times but then the clouds began to come in different shapes and then suddenly all clouds disappeared. All I could see was a beautiful blue sky type opening, it seemed as if I had gone through one glory and then into another.


A short while went by and the Glory began again!

The clouds began like the first time only a few times with the round shapes and then changed to form toward the bottom of my view and began to arise upward. They would be a form of a normal cloud but began to rise from the bottom upward in intervals and this happened several times.

This reminded me of the “Prayers of the Saints”
arising up unto the Lord.

Toward the very end of this vision (I think, since I was not asleep), “One” actually began to arise and then came back down again and then moved in different directions and began to circle around all within my view. And it dawned upon me, all of this could be classified as a “Dancing Cloud of Glory!”

The end


A Word 

While in worship, I spoke Jeremiah 33:3 to the Lord; Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Asking Him if He had a word for the Saints, this is what I heard.

Everything that has captured the hearts of my people are about to lose their hold! All that they have become fond of and even come to love is about to be shaken off from them. Sporting events, television, internet, travel, amusement parks, movies and even the seemingly good things will all begin to lose their grip upon my people. Enough is enough!

There is nothing wrong per se with these things however it is the addictive nature and behavior of most people that these things become your comfort and not Me!

All of these forms of entertainment, I gave to you. However they were never meant to fulfill you! 

And now, they have come to hold you back from the truly good things I have prepared for you. My love is waiting for you! My presence and healing and deliverance, My Glory is waiting for you!

The world and all that is in it will not return to its former status for the intention of this plague was meant to change how people view and live their lives. I am a jealous God and I will not share my Glory with another!

A final thought
The Lord never removes a thing without giving something better. Likewise, how can we Believers find time to pick up the things of God when our hands are full and our time is spent on every other thing?

Only as we chose to release those things that keep us captive, will we begin to see our prayers answered more quickly and without delay. Many times even before we speak them in our hearts, He will hear and answer them. The time for God’s very best is about to be revealed, are you ready?

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable