Shavuot / Pentecost
June 7th, 2019

Greetings Dear Saints,
This weekend, Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th is Shavuot to the Jew but it is also Pentecost to the Believers.
It is the Anniversary of the Falling of the Holy Spirit in that upper room. While we read the Holy Spirit fell on those early disciples it was a regional thing, although we know the Holy Spirit has traveled around the world.
However the Spirit has not fallen upon “ALL” flesh.
Joel 2:28-30
28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit (upon All flesh;) and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:
29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.
30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.
I have included excerpts from 8-other messages regarding this
“Restoration of the Saints” 
occurring prior to the Great Awakening.

Dear Saint, 
Regardless of your age or health or financial position, the Lord is about to Restore and bring a time of refreshing like we have never experienced. Let us not be confined and constrained by our unbelief. Expect the Lord to do a New work within His Saints Prior to the Great Awakening which is about to take place.
He has forgiven ALL your iniquities 
He has healed ALL your diseases
Blessings on you and your house,
Steve Grable

See below for excerpts of 8 messages on the Restoration of the Saints.

“The Restoration of the Saints”
May 15th, 2018
Greetings Dear Saints,
In 2012, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that on the Jewish Feast of Shavuot / Pentecost, there would come one last visitation to the Church. It would not be like any of its predecessors but would be the final preparation of the Saints who would then be used to usher in the last Great Harvest. 
This Harvest would last 3 to 3 & ½ years in length and would sweep multitudes into the Kingdom.

Seems whenever someone is given a revelation, we get so excited that we tend to take it and run! However as we mature more in the faith, we begin to see how the Spirit is laying line upon line and precept upon precept. Meaning that when we are given a dream, a teaching or a word containing a concept of truth and without seasoning, our timing is often off.

This year many events are culminating it is difficult if not impossible in sharing all of them but know one thing; we are about to enter a Season of Harvest! Shavuot is both the Season of Harvest for Israel and coincides with the Anniversary of the Falling of the Holy Spirit or Pentecost found in the Book of Acts.

Here is the paradigm, the Holy Spirit came not upon the un-believers but upon the Believers FIRST and so He will come again in the same exact fashion “on the believers first” and I believe it will be on the Same Day, Shavuot, the day of Pentecost.

“The Word of God is about to Fall
upon every College & University Campus”
Dream & A Word
 April 15th, 2018


Have experienced many dreams and prophetic words in the past and each one is like the receiving of that “pearl of great price”. Do you remember reading your Bible about the man who had discovered an extremely valuable pearl and he went and sold all he had and purchased that land to obtain “the pearl of promise.” Matthew 13:46


Many times only the dreams come and its interpretation is fairly open meaning easy to understand. Others require digging into and pursuing what the Spirit is saying.
The Dream
The dream came last night and I awoke and pondered on it from that moment until I was about to get out of bed. However as I lay there, the Spirit began to speak and expand on the dream far beyond the actual activity within the dream.
There have been several times over 35-years that a deep weeping will come upon me. It is not crying which is more of a surface type response but a deep deep, beginning in your gut type of weeping that permeates throughout your entire body and mind and deeper still.
Believe we are given those special precious moments to feel the very heart of God just as He is weeping over us, so we are actually weeping with Him. Last night and this morning was just such a moment!
The dream began with my going back to College and walking and talking with other students on the campus. Remember one girl asking me if I had found an apartment to live yet. I said yes however I had to leave my beautiful place on the water, which was two hours away from the school in order to attend the school.

Next I found myself in a class where I slept through half of it. My thinking was it was so boring. However the last half of the class I did my best to overcome my boredom. Both the subject matter and the professor were beyond dull.

 In the next class I was seated and the time was just coming to a close. I see it even now so clearly

I was gathering my books and was more than a little surprised to see my Bible tucked within my schoolbooks.

My (black) Bible in the dream was worn so badly that the cover had what appeared to be thumbprints on it.

And intriguingly, there was a
 “broken” zipper on the Bible
It was as though you could zip the book closed but again the zipper was broken which was significant.
The Spirit is about to break that zipper which was placed upon the Bible by those who are ignorant and hateful.

When I picked up the Bible, an amazing thing began to occur! Every student gathered around me in utter astonishment and were nearly mesmerized by the fact I had this worn out old Bible. They could not take their eyes off of it; it was as if a deep revelation had fallen upon them.

But then when I opened it up, (it was all underlined and marked up) there was a unified awed aghast from the students! Such a powerful wave of the Spirit had come down upon them. It was as though the Spirit had fallen upon that entire room. Every student was caught up in this experience with the Lord; they were no longer the same students as they were only a brief moment ago!

When I walked out to the parking lot to find my car and it was “late in the evening”, there were very few cars left in the lot.
Notes: It was late and in the evening, translating to:
We were entering the dark times.
Also, very few cars left in the parking lot could translate that there were very few like myself bringing the truth and now I was leaving.

As I continued to look for my car, I clicked the button on my key expecting to see the lights flash on my 4Runner. However in stead, I was absolutely amazed that a car covered with dirt and dust flashed its lights. It was as though it had been there a long time, perhaps a year or more. End of dream


The Word
As I lay there upon my bed, the Spirit began to elaborate on the dream He had just brought to me saying.

Every college and university campus will suddenly come under the power of the Holy Spirit. It will happen so quickly that the news media will be rushing to the campuses asking the students, “what is going on?” It will quickly become a phenomenon not a fade! And it will only intensify! This Harvest will become an exciting conversation on the lips of everyone and a major topic on the nightly news.

Campuses will be transformed! 
There have been many social and cultural movements all having their pinnings on college and universities campuses. This same thing will once again occur however it will be the beginning of a mighty wave of the Word and the Spirit.

No longer will the faculty have answers for what is taking place nor will they have any thing to offer to this growing wave of young Christian students. No longer will “guest speakers” be called upon to spread dis-information, lies and their liberal nonsense. Primarily because very few students will waste their time attending these types of lectures.

Those who are mature in the Faith, those who Know their Bibles will be called upon to lecture and teach!

“Christian Professors” who teach the truth will become valued and celebrated and their lessons will come from the Throne Room of God by way of the Spirit.

There will be classes on the individual books of the Bible. Consider a whole term covering the Book of Acts and other books. The normal syllabus will simply include those things from the Bible. 

“Creationism will be accepted as the truth”

 If some had issues with a few Mormons coming to their door, just imagine individuals and groups of, on fire born again spirited filled college kids going throughout the communities. They will become a national and multi-national army for “The Way of God.” They will have absolute resolve and they will not be denied!

While the Church is busy trying to wake up and begin the Harvest, it will begin with the young people who have been held in quarantine from the truth! 

Massive truth bombs will awaken every campus and shake our nation as well as the nations. Our nation will undergo a great transformation and for a season we will labor in the daylight for we have a short window to accomplish this Harvest. 
“Therefore pray to the Lord of the Harvest.”

This year 2019
“Shavuot / Pentecost will occur on 
June 8th and 9th
which is this Saturday and Sunday”

Dear Saint, the Lord will not leave you where you are! So many are enduring suffering from cancer, heart issues and an array of medical problems. Many of these same people are older and have much to offer as the days unfold. If you are going through extreme family upheavals, finances, health or just weariness, you will not be left in this state. Your deliverance is even at the door!


I do not pretend to know how exactly this Restoration will take place but I know it will happen! It may be that as you pray for another that you will be healed. It may be that you go to sleep only to awake fully healed; it may come in any one of various ways but know it will come.

We are also about to experience a great transfer of wealth and will enable us to help others. 

“The beauty of wealth is that we are able to help others in their need.”

When unbelievers who are in great need are given a gift, their hearts become both merry and grateful. It is then we are able to point the way to the Lord, who is the giver of all good gifts. The end result both the unbeliever and the believer are blessed.

Yet, if so many of the Saints who receive this great transfer are sick and fragile, all we would be able is to write checks. This is Not the sum total of our intended engagement, no, those who have endured and remained faithful will be given authority over much. You dear one will be used mightily in the days ahead.

Dear precious Saint, the Lord sees your suffering and is moved to deliver you. He is a rewarder to those who have diligently sought Him. Our deliverance is only a suddenly away.

“The Harvest Will Extend 
Three to Four Years in Length”

October 3, 2016


While we watch as judgement and destruction approaches from every direction, both America and the nations stand oblivious as to why or how such a thing could happen. Although news of dread is about to fall, there is wonderful news on the horizon. There is about to begin one last great Harvest that will sweep multitudes into the Kingdom and will turn the world right side up! And the Glory of the Lord shall be seen upon you His Saints!
Yes, there have been many great revivals throughout history and yet this Harvest will have nothing in common with any of the prior moves of God. There is simply no precedence for what is coming! This powerful sovereign work of the Spirit will have no companions by which it may be measured. This event will stand alone for all eternity even eclipsing the works of the Book of Acts.

We know the Lord is long-suffering and patient and kind hearted towards man however those things that are written must take place. They can not be prayed away or escaped, each word will find its fulfillment. Unfortunately true Believers will be required to endure much and will be victorious. And this is the reason we have seen such intensity of recent battles. We have been in a proving ground, a time of training, a time of learning the skills of weaponry and how to use the authority entrusted to us.

Many times, the Spirit will prompt me with a question regarding a certain topic thus spurring on my interest. And I must admit when I begin to investigate, He enlightens my path of study. He will then bring certain thoughts and connecting Scriptural passages to a place of consideration. He is such a thoughtful and loving companion, why do even some believers push away the gentle and loving nature of the Holy Spirit.

Though I am writing about this today, it has been in my spirit for years. Finally it has simply become a personal doctrinal belief and am certain that this will both encourage and bless you.
This final Sovereign work of the Spirit will be a quick work, it will not tarry! It is my firm belief that this last days final  
“Great Harvest” will last in length three years to three & 1/2 years.


We are about to see it begin! It will unfortunately come on the very heels of death and destruction here in America. This will begin before this year is finished. However it is during the most difficult of times men begin to look beyond the superficial and truly begin to question their lives and their motives. Only during hardship and loss will the heart be open to the things of God.


This Great Harvest of souls will begin in the harvest season and will end in the harvest season.
In other words, it is my belief we are about to enter into that period of time. 
“When His Glory Falls”

These last few years there have been many Saints who have been privileged with gaining a glimpse of what is about to take place with regard to the Church. The Holy Spirit will always bring confirmation of a thing.

What I am about to share will only confirm to some, astound others if they are able to believe, still many will scoff at the idea. The first mindset will “if their heart is ready to receive” feel a peace and unspeakable joy. 
The second group will secretly say to themselves, could God really be that good, does He really care for the things that so affect me. The last group will say, we have heard of this thing for many years, I no longer believe we will see it.
Unless the Spirit of God has revealed this thing to you, it will seem like a dream, a fairy tale without substance. Could God be this kind hearted and merciful and will He make manifest His Glory?
“When His Glory Falls”
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord lift up a standard against him. When evil has become prevalent, the Spirit of Liberty makes Himself known. We are about to see the Holy Spirit fall with such power and might that the atheists, the agnostics, those who practice divine arts and even those with the most hardened hearts will leave those things behind and join their lives to the purposes of the Lord. It will come suddenly, suddenly and just as if one takes off a dirty overcoat that had been placed upon them.
This removal will come, and all who have felt they were too far into sin will come to realize His Goodness! Where much is forgiven, there is much love. They will say in their hearts, I know I do not deserve any good thing for I am a man of unclean lips. Yet, the sweetness, the righteous Lord will reach down and cause His love to fall on all, especially those in need of a physician. 
The Hebrew word for multiple acts of loving kindness is T”sa’da’kah, this is the Spirit of the Lord falling upon all mankind. Yet only those whose heart if humble enough to receive this great gift, their gain will be the Kingdom.
There are many who call themselves Christians, yet they deny the power thereof. They by default call themselves Christian however their hearts are far from Him. They are philosophical in their approach to Christ. They answer, “I believe in God”. As the Word states, The demons also believe in God and they fear and tremble.
Then there are those who genuinely love the Lord but have found gossip or an attitude of judgement coming against them and have left the church entirely. So many within the Church who have been offended or perceived an offense directed at them. The eyes of the Lord watches over His little ones and sees the emotional wounds of His people.
All of these groups of people above along with those who love and have devoted their lives to the Kingdom of God, 
All are about to witness a drastic reformation, a renovation, 
greater still a renaissance.
The Church (as we have known it) is about to take her last breath. For far too long, we as a body have been on life support, we have become hard hearted, self-centered, gossipy, showing little mercy or compassion, we have honored ourselves above others. Christ is in each of us, how do we say we love the Lord and speak against one another?
When observing the evening news or listening to others, it seems there is such incredible loss for so many  have suffered. There are so many with nearly intolerable health issues and for others the endless heartache of dealing with family problems and finances and personal issues. When I see so many needs, my primary thought is, 
you are setting yourself up for Glory!”

Matthew Chapter 24
September 2011

For if we knew the length of our days or the hardship of our life journey and all that it would entail, few of us would endeavor to take the first step.During this study of Matthew 24, suddenly a pattern began to emerge .

A pattern began to emerge and it runs through the entire chapter.  

The time period available to the Church for her ministry, before being removed is as we have heard so many times, “going to be a quick work”. The time frame may will be considerably shorter than we now believe!
The Great Harvest is about to begin. For the Church, this will be the most vital time and function of any prior Church age. Additionally I have also seen another pattern evolve with regard to its length. The Length of this great Awakening is 3 years.
Four Examples of Intense Ministry 
The Ministry of Jesus was 3 & 1/ years
The Ministry of John the Baptist was 3 &1/2 years
The Ministry of the 144,000 is 3 years
The Ministry of the two witnesses is 3 &1/2 years.
As you can see when an intense ministry is in effect, the timing is 3 to 3 1/2 years in its length and so it will be with the last great awakening.
The Manifestation of His Glory”
is about to fall!
August 4th, 2011

I had two dreams last night. The first, I had in some way crawled (for a lack of a better word) to the edge of His Glory. Please understand, it was not that we are to come begging for His presence but rather I/we simply could not stand in the manifestation of His Glory. 

The Glory, the holiness, the power and the presence of His love revealed the weakness of our flesh. 
Had the impression that I was helping people approach this edge of Glory.
Another impression was that I was almost dragging some not against their will or that they did not want to approach but they simply did not have the strength within themselves. Many were afraid, while others felt they were unworthy. The last group was comprised of both believers and unbelievers who believed neither they nor anyone for that matter had the right or the ability to touch this wonder of God.
Each time we came close to “His Awe”, there was no one who could remain reliant upon their own strength. I remember holding these people almost in my arms as we laid on the floor in His presence. Believe the Lord was causing me to continually escort one then another and another into this precious place. Yet what appeared to be such a dangerous place, would actually transform our lives in to His likeness, no one was the same after this encounter. For the Lord sees our frailties and weaknesses and his grace and love abounds and far exceeds our ability to comprehend. It is His love that gaps the distance between our flesh and His grace.”

“The Visitation of His Anointing”
December 10, 2010


The Spirit began to speak to me the following.
The Spirit of God is about to make a visitation and generously bring a fresh anointing and healing and deliverance and strength to our conviction. No longer will even the weakest tremble but even he will be as valiant as King David. May the Spirit of the Lord fill you with excitement and joy knowing that we are about to see these things and do the unimaginable and pursue the impossible.

God will become the focus in stadiums, the news of the exploits of the Saints will fill the airwaves. Those who have suffered with mental disabilities will be made right, the down-syndrome children will be healed, limbs of diabetes patients will grow back, returning soldiers will have their limbs returned. Those with addictions will come to wholeness. We will see the Glory of our God!
You dear Saint will walk into a restaurant, mall or store and unbelievers will feel the presence of God upon you, His glory will rest upon you just as Moses had the visible glory upon him.It will not be a time of regrets but of repentance and the Saints will walk in the purity we were called. Love the Lord with all your heart and rejoice that your name is written in the Lamb’s book of Life.

“The Things of the Spirit”
November 1st, 2010
For some weeks now, I have had an impression in my spirit that we are about to witness the sovereign hand of the Lord. That we will experience the Spirit in ways most of us have never imagined.
This is not a “thus saith the Lord” but something in me is feeling this excitement of a very near future event. One in which we will see deliverance of our sin, healing of our sickness, anointing for ministry and the ability to hear His voice clearly and precisely and respond in obedience.