“Multitudes Arising Out of the Destruction
November 2007


The dream was vivid in appearance and I personally felt the fatigue on my body
and even the air, was filled with smoke.

I was walking up an incline of a mountain, I was aware of many people all around me
and I stopped for a moment and turned about face to look behind me.
There were multitudes of people, men and women of every nationality, race and age,
all slowly waking up the mountain with me.

Their faces were dirty, their clothes were torn and ragged,
You could see the weariness on their faces, their eyes were fixed toward the top of the mountain.

As I gazed upon all of the terrain that lay behind us,
there was utter destruction!
Everything that had worth was destroyed!

Their faces though exhausted gave off a great presence,
for they had become overcomers by all that had transpired and they had a name

and I heard the Spirit say,


Steve Grable