Because I knew,

would pray!

September 15th, 2018

A Word



Greetings Dear Saints,

My life has drastically been transformed from what I once was immersed, into a very different man I am today. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, Line upon line, line upon line, here a little there a little.” Is 28:10


Earlier in my life, I played tennis sometimes six hours a day. In fact I used to spar with aspiring tennis pros in Orlando when they came to Florida from other states during the winters. I would play tennis all day and work in the evenings. Additionally, I ocean raced sailboats offshore and sailed everything from a 5’ pram to a 45’ yawl. Later I took up golf in order to fellowship with other Christian men and was shooting in the 80’s in the first year. Additionally I founded two printing companies.


I thoroughly enjoyed all of these activities.

However, “In Him we live and move and have our being.” We can do nothing outside of Him. Our abilities and talents may seem to come naturally because that particular gifting was placed in us as the Lord chose for His glory.  


 However, many times, gifts are for a season!


While already having heart issues, I came down with several health issues all stemming from Epstein Bar and chronic fatigue in 1995. Suddenly my life was so radically changed I barley recognized it. Initially fear and confusion set in and became a part of the equation.


Have shared the above to say the following.

I was an extremely active man. And my life changed literally overnight. Every aspect of the life I was accustomed had become a stranger, and life now resembled something worth…less. 


So there has been an ongoing (howbeit seldom for not wanting to complain) conversation with the Lord asking Him, why have you allowed this type of life to overtake me?


Lord, I have tried to honor you at every opportunity; I have spoken truth even when I knew it was not to my benefit. I have willingly given you my heart and mind  and always sought to praise you in the most difficult of times as well as being a thankful man for what you have done for me. Why then have you allowed me to be reduced to what I currently am?


So you can see my attempt in reasoning with the Lord.

Again, I did not want to complain or accuse the Lord of child abuse however at times the heaviness was nearly overwhelming. As of late, I have become nearly a shut in. Only venturing out when needed, to watch over a dear friend whom I love, perhaps a doctor’s appointment or grocery shopping and occasionally to eat out. This has become my life!


This past Saturday morning I was determined to go out and participate in normal activities. My game plan was to walk the mall, see the new iPhone and visit a newly opened Toyota dealership.


While I was praying that morning and also in the Spirit while getting ready to leave, I heard the Lord speak six words to me. I was not asking the Lord for answers regarding the ongoing conversation, nor was I complaining. I was simply praying.



Then I heard the Lord say the following.

…Because I knew,

you”would pray!


When I heard these words, they set me back!

I am one of those crazy believers who would prefer to hear the Spirit, even if it was a hard word taking me to the woodshed. But this was not just a word of correction but more of a word of Revelation enveloping a couple of areas.
There is a wonderful difference!


When the Spirit spoke those words,
it accomplished four main things in me.

1. There was a certain amount of repentance

  1. A feeling of His acceptance
  2. A special-ness as one sought out
  3. A calling upward to a higher purpose


You see the Lord could have chosen anyone, man or woman to pray! He could have removed their every hindrance, He could have totally changed their lifestyle in order to give them the time and every opportunity to pray. However, they would also require the desire to pray! And yet, many would still find excuses to focus upon every other distraction or some other task demanding their attention, Some would give themselves to other hobbies or some other form of entertainment.


There are a myriad of activities that can be adopted to pass away our precious time and rarely are these things worthy. How will we explain to the Lord our use of the time we were given while ignoring, his calling us to intimacy with Him.


Do you remember when Abraham prayed for others?

The Bible says, when he prayed for others, he was blessed!


While I have prayed even before the day of my salvation, these last couple of years I have found myself more desiring of praying. Every time I ask the Spirit to remind me, I pray all the more.


Jesus made the statement, “Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8b



Please pray for our President, his health, wellbeing and safety for he and his family and all the administration.

Pray for those in authority in the land.


Pray that righteousness will arise in America, Israel and all the nations. That righteous men and women will be raised up and assume their rightful positions. Also they will have the supporting people around them.


Pray for the persecuted Church in the world.

Dear Saint, one day this same persecution so many are enduring will be coming to us here in America, do not think you and I will escape these things.


To those of you who have found yourself in dire straits, do you not realize you may very well have been set aside (for this season) to pray?


If you find yourself with a long-term health issues, perhaps you are unemployed, maybe your finances have been affected and it requires you to be less active.


Begin to look beyond the prospect of your loss!

Very possibly the Holy Spirit wants to bring you into a greater dimension of prayer, remember He could have chosen many but He chose you!


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable