“Four Dreams”

September 1st, 2018



Sorry that I am just getting this out to all of you. I had four dreams on or around September 1st, they are in succession. The first two apply to the nation, one to the Church (I believe) and the forth to a local family.


The first dream
There were many of us in a large room, Hillary Clinton was in the room among us. Then there was a flat envelope that contained a one-page document that someone had slipped under the closed door that led out of our room/place.


This document was extremely condemning of Hillary Clinton. It seemed to be the “smoking gun”. Am not saying she will be convicted but the document left no reasonable doubt that she was guilty of crimes against America and Americans.


Second dream

We were in a very large building. There were several rooms that were interconnected and as I walked through each of the rooms, there were ongoing discussions as to how best address all of the crimes that had been committed. These crimes had been committed by those within and without our government.



I do understand that this dream is already in progress but from the dream, these types of meetings will become much more serious and more accelerated in the days to come.


Third dream
We were inside a building, perhaps the Church.

All of a sudden, there was a great noise upon the roof.

Initially thought it was a hailstorm but am uncertain but it sounded violent. We were told not to go outside but were given no reason.



This could be great release of the Spirit or great persecution, most likely both will come at the same time. However, we are entering a time that as the righteousness begins to rise so will the evil.


The Spirit will be giving us very detailed instructions in the very near future and we will have the ability to hear clearly, no more doubt! There will be many times that your very life will depend upon your perfect obedience. Many Believers will lose their lives because of their luke-warmness to obeying the Spirit.



Fourth Dream

There is a local family I have known many years and they have a family owned business. The father is getting old and from the dream he still desired to be actively a part of the business. However his son was trying to gently push him out. And I heard the Lord instruct me to say to the son the following.

“Allow your father to stay in the business for this is his glory”.  
End of dreams


Update 9-10-2018
I contacted the local family in the 4thdream and what the Lord had spoke to me to pass on to the son was a right word.


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable