“Scaling the Slippery Slope of the Church”



I had a dream that I was scaling a very tall, extremely steep roof of a building that was the Church.

The building itself was gigantic and majestic yet this church building housed the traditional church and
the Spirit was giving me the deep impression hat it was an obstacle to be overcome not something that the Lord had built and it was a formidable hindrance to those seeking the Kingdom.

The roof consisted of a rather expensive and very slippery type of stone tiles, that had me struggling to keep my footing and when I made a little progress up this steep incline I would slip a little and begin to slide down the roof and would catch my footing and resume the climb.

This was an arduous and dangerous process, yet I knew and was drawn to complete this task.
Eventually I found myself at the pinnacle of the roof hanging on to the very peak, the edge of the top tiles and pulling myself up and as I looked out I observed the most beautiful luscious green valley and
everywhere you looked there was incredible beauty and the presence of awesome peace.

This was the Kingdom, which was obscured by the large building that housed the traditional church.

Those inside the building could not see the Kingdom for the walls
that had been built to keep them safely inside had hindered their sight

but those few who ventured outside and worked with great diligence
to scale the slippery roof would find the Kingdom.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
and all these things shall be added to you. Mat 6:33


Steve Grable