Dyslexic Baby To Glorious Bride
November 9, 2006


The dream began with seeing two entities; the first was a baby on the left sitting in a type of high chair and perhaps 10 feet to the right sat a beautiful woman.

My position was in front and to the left of the baby and I felt in the spirit there were others with me. We were ridiculing the baby for the way it spoke and behaved…….as a baby!

Then suddenly the baby straightened up and looked at us and said,

“I speak this way because this is what I hear!”

And I heard the word “Dyslexic”.


All of us had an immediate sense that this was of the Lord!

The baby seemed to disappear and my attention was drawn to the beautiful woman sitting in the chair.

As I approached her I could see five very small-elongated openings around her lower face primarily in the area of her mouth. And from these small cavities came an extraordinarily bright light!

The incredible light was emanating from these openings, these cavities in the woman’s face!

After a brief moment, the places became larger and larger to the point that her whole face radiated like the sun and then her entire person was aglow to where it was almost impossible to look directly at her.

End of dream.

It is my belief that the Lord is saying,

The Baby

Webster’s defines the word dyslexic, as an individual with normal vision who is unable to properly interpret written language. Most dyslexic people have an inability to keep words in their proper order. They tend to mix up their words, replacing one word for another without realizing the error.

Enter the Church! “The Glorious Bride”

She has been the “Virtual Baby” who has allowed someone else to feed her with error!

The Church has not matured for two primary reasons, her own sin of laziness and the sin of corrupt leadership. Many, who “serve” were never called!

Neither the leadership nor the Church have displayed the holiness of the Lord, therefore we have a Church without power. The Church does not know what she believes or why she believes it.

The Baby said, “I speak this way because this is what I hear!”

Yes, that is certainly true! We hear and speak error to one another without the wisdom of G-d.

Both believers and leadership blame each other. We have regressed in to that virtual baby who has forsaken all maturity and retreated from our rightful position!




The Bride

When the picture in the dream changed from the baby to the beautiful woman,
she was quietly sitting in the chair and looked totally normal in every way.
For a brief minute she was inactive and there was nothing supernatural about her.

Then suddenly five distinct marks, more like cavities appeared!
These cavities went deep into her very essence as she was being revealed to us.


At first the cavities were very small, almost impossible to detect but quickly they became more obvious as they grew in size and intensity.

I believe that these Five small cavities were representative of the
“Five Fold Ministries.”

This time, it will be the Lord who calls out His men and women for this End time work! Most of them will have been in a place of sanctification and preparation for many years.

They have been specifically prepared for this time and this event and will be used mightily by the power of the Holy Spirit!

It is vitally important to say, although the five small cavities were the beginning of the process it soon became apparent that the entire Bride was emanating the light of Jesus!

The Lord will initially use the “Five Fold Folks” as an ignition key!

Then quickly “The Entire Body of Christ” will have been activated to a degree that it will be impossible to discern which is which. The Bride will become like Him, we will put on the character and beauty of Jesus!

The Shorter the Time, the Greater the Intensity!


And so it was with this woman who was becoming more and more beautiful by the moment!

Everything that was within Her began to breakthrough and emit light so beyond comprehension that even the eyes could not fix on her for Her light and holiness was Jesus!

This is about to take place, the dyslexic Baby who is about to be
transformed in to the Glorious Bride!

Steve Grable