“A Bruised Shoulder, Great Compassion and
A Wounded Economy ”


March 14th, 2018



The Dream began with my entering the front door of the residence of President Trump. It was not the White House as far as I could surmise; its location seemed more local in nature. (Note, according to the dream, he was still our President)


While walking toward the front door, I looked over to the right side of the residence and observed a long line of people. They were all coming to see President Trump. The people were reasonably dressed, there seemed to be an unspoken honor they were showing towards the President by their clothing, their demeanor and even their humility. There were many, all were waiting their turn to enter in and speak with the President.


As I entered I went through what seemed like a bit of a maze of different rooms. Although the staff was considerably smaller than I had imagined, they were all very friendly and courteous. They seemed to exude such love and grace toward me and those around them.


Finally I found myself with President Trump. I looked beyond the back of the sofa down the hallway and I could see the First Lady being attended to by only one lady, not the normal entourage you would expect for a First Lady. 

I was positioned on the President’s right side. Just as I was about to take a seat, I looked down and was somehow able to see a very large visible wound on the President’s right shoulder. 


Although it was not life threatening however it was a fairly severe wound of approximately 6 inches long and about 4 inches in width. (The right hand or right shoulder would symbolize Strength)

I questioned him about the wound and although I knew it had to be painful, he was doing his best to ignore it and he was more interested my welfare.


As we sat there on the sofa, President Trump was very personable; he kept asking me questions about my life. He was very sincere and yet was obviously distracted by the ongoing situations at the same time.


He asked me if he could buy me a shirt or a pair of pants! 
This would normally seem very odd but felt the economy had failed and he wanted desperately to do something for me. I assured the President that I was fine and had what I needed and thanked him.


He then said he needed to drive to a local store and buy an item and asked if I would like to accompany him and I said yes. So we got into a very old junker of a car and the President drove. 


When we arrived at the store, the President made his purchase of a very small priced item of about 50 cents. However he paid for it with all pennies from his own pocket.

End of dream



The wound could potentially be one of three things.

A failing economy, a political wound or a physical wound.

Please pray for the President’s physical and political wellbeing and also for our economy.

The President was so concerned about my welfare; he had ignored his own wound. The President showed great compassion towards me and everyone else. That is the reason for so many coming to him, requesting some type of help knowing he had such sincere mercy for them.


List from dream, all pointing to an faltering economy

  1. The First Lady only having one attendant, 
  2. Their much smaller residence
  3. The very modest staff
  4. The Wounded President
  5. The President had to run his own errand, no secret service
  6. The old junker of a car the President drove
  7. The President, buying such a small item and having to pay
        for it with pennies.

 All of these things seem to indicate a faltering economy.

It is not my desire to instill fear or dread. The Spirit brings these things for our own welfare and that the Household of God would have discernment of the times. 

President Trump may (at times) appear to be a bull in a china shop but he truly has a kind heart beyond what most people see. Reminds me of a commentary on the Prophet Jeremiah.

He had a forehead of flint for the things of God, unchanging, unbending and uncompromising. And yet displayed a type of love for others similar to that of a woman.


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable